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TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2009

Minutes of a Regular Meeting, followed by a Regular Meeting of the Jefferson Township Planning Board, pursuant to due notice and in compliance with the Sunshine Law.

Municipal Building, Jefferson Township, at 7:30 PM.


Presiding:        Chairman Williams

Secretary:       Joanne Meyer


Present:                                 Also Present:                                                            Absent:


Councilwoman Merz            Joaquim Fernandes, Board Engineer        Chief Palko   

Mr. Mikowski                         Jill Hartmann, Board Planner                      Mayor Felter 

Vice-Chairman Mitchko                                                                               Mr. Hartery

Deputy Chief Craig                                                                                       Mr. Smith

Mr. Deutsch              

Mr. Hine                                                                                                                    

Chairman Williams                                                                                                  





Bullaro                                                 No. 09-03        Block 366, Lot 11? 5190 Berkshire Valley Rd.          

                                                                                    Minor Site Plan


            Ms. Hartmann stated this is a minor site plan, the applicant has received permits to enlarge a building which was a restaurant and bar and would like to have the restaurant, bar, liquor store and retail space.  There are a number of missing items and spoke to his engineer about what is needed.  The applicant would like to get a temporary CO to open the restaurant.  Recommends if the site plan is submitted within enough time to review this application could be heard on the June 9th meeting.


            Chairman Williams stated building permits were issued by the Building Department so the temporary CO would have to be issued by that department.   



Waters Edge Developers, LLC           No. 09-04        Block 273, Lot 2.04? Route 15 North

                                                                                    Amended Site Plan and Bulk Area Variance


            Ms. Hartmann stated this is an amended site plan with bulk area variances application.  There are a number of waivers being requested which were submitted with the original application that received Planning Board approval.  The committee recommends the Board waive these items.


Councilwoman Merz moved to accept the completeness report.  Vice-Chairman Mitchko seconded the motion.


In Favor:         Councilwoman Merz, Mr. Mikowski, Vice Chairman Mitchko, Mr. Deutsch, Mr. Hine, Deputy Chief Craig and Chairman Williams.        



Hind                                                     No. 09-02        Block 272, Lot 10.01 ? 728 Route 15 North

                                                                                    Informal Review of Site Plan


            Jim Glasson of Civil Engineering in Budd Lake is present and stated he has prepared the plans submitted to the Board.  This property is presently owned by Kant Associates and Tom and William Hind, the applicants, have been renting this site since 1994 for H&H Auto Sales.  They are presently looking to purchasing the property.  Presently there is an existing two-story single family residence in the front corner of the property facing Route 15 and in the rear is a two-story garage which is the location of H&H Auto Sales.  This proposal is to remove the residence dwelling, patio area and a shed in the rear of the property and have parking for 27 display spaces and 3 customer spaces.  The actual increase in impervious coverage is approximately 900 square feet from what is there now.


            Chairman Williams stated he would like to see curbing in front of the spaces facing Route 15.


            Councilwoman Merz asked where a sign would be located.


            Mr. Glasson stated they are proposing a freestanding sign located out of any sight triangle.


            Ms. Hartmann stated she would like some of the trees to be saved.


            Mr. Fernandes suggested an additional inlet for the drainage of the parking area.





Lipala                                                   No. 09-01        Block 221, Lots 4 & 5 ? 32 Martin View Rd               

                                                                                    Lot Line Adjustment


Councilwoman Merz moved to approve the resolution.  Vice-Chairman Mitchko seconded the motion.


In Favor:         Councilwoman Merz, Vice Chairman Mitchko, Mr. Hine, Deputy Chief Craig and Chairman Williams.





            Councilwoman Merz moved to approve the minutes.  Vice-Chairman Mitchko seconded the motion.


In Favor:         Councilwoman Merz, Vice Chairman Mitchko, Mr. Hine, Deputy Chief Craig and Chairman Williams.








            Mr. Mikowski moved to adjourn at 8:30 PM.

            Vice Chairman Mitchko seconded the motion.


            In Favor:         All.


Respectfully Submitted by:



Joanne Meyer

Secretary to the Planning Board

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