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Meeting Schedules, Agendas, Minutes  
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Roll Call
Roll Call

Present                                     Absent

                        Mr. Hardy

Mrs. Merz                                        Mr. Sanchelli

Vice President Birmingham

President Yocum

            Howard Vex, Township Attorney

                        Lydia Magnotti, Township Clerk


            Mrs. Magnotti said, “Let the record show that Mayor Felter will not be attending this evening, however, Administrator Leach is present.


Salute to the Flag

President Yocum asked that everyone rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Notice of Presiding Officer

President Yocum said, “This Workshop Council meeting for June 8, 2005, commencing at 7:30 p.m. has been properly noticed in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act by notice to the official newspapers of the Township on June 2, 2005.”


Work Session Items:

TelVue Virtual Television Network – Jefferson Television Programming     (105-A)

            Robert Shank explained that his company TelVue works with the Township to provide start-up and ongoing cable access services.  There is no cost to the Township for the program.  Shank narrated a PowerPoint presentation.  The typical public access channel consists of static message boards.  TelVue has added public service messages, music, voice, actors and graphics that will be customized for the town.  Shank detailed the features of the program.  Shank explained that if the town decided to use TelVue’s services, they would set up a production meeting to create 60 professional audio announcements and 60 photographs for the template background library.  Kelly informed the Council that this presentation was given to the Cable Television Committee and they still have many questions.  The Committee is trying to ascertain all the ways this can be used by the municipality and by the High School.  They will be meeting with the school again in the Fall and after that, they would like to meet with Shank again.  Yocum stated that if the Council agrees, they will defer a decision until they hear back from the Cable Television Committee.


Request to Vacate a Portion of Lorna Lane for Galloping Farms

            Yocum invited Michael Moratto to come forward.  The Council has a memo from Elam stating that he received Moratto’s request to start the procedure to vacate the southwesterly section of Lorna Lane.  Elam recommends that the Township move forward on this Ordinance as proposed.  The parcel will be split down the center.  Yocum asked if any Council members have any questions.  Tom Zarazecki came forward and stated that his property abuts Lorna Lane and he is requesting half of the vacated property.  Leach commented that the town will maintain the utility easement.  Yocum asked if anyone else in the audience has any questions or comments on this issue.  Leach advised that the Township Attorney will draw up the Ordinance and it will be introduced.  There will be a public hearing within two weeks of the introduction, which will be advertised.  Magnotti stated that the Ordinance will be sent to the County and then the tax map will be changed.  Magnotti told Moratto that she does not have the legal description yet and he told her that he has it and will forward it to her.


Release of Performance Bond – Galloping Farms

            Yocum stated that there is a list of items that the Town must verify have been completed.  There is also a question of the sidewalk waiver and the fee of $10,953.00.  The developer, Michael Moratto, told the Council that he was never advised or present when the meeting was held to abandon the sidewalks.  He explained that if he were to install the sidewalks himself, the price for the concrete and labor for the sidewalks would be considerably less.  Yocum suggested that Moratto have his attorney contact the Township Attorney, Cohen, prior to the meeting.  Yocum explained that the Council was approached by a group of residents and the matter was sent to the Planning Board.  The Planning Board recommended that the sidewalks be waived.  Coe gave the engineer’s estimation based upon two different lengths of sidewalk in two different areas.  Copies of any documentation can be obtained in the Clerk’s Office.



            Leach explained that there are several employees with private accounts with AFLAC and they asked for a payroll deduction program so part of their pay can be invested into these accounts.  There would be no cost to the town but it would require a Resolution from the Council for authorization.  Merz asked if this would open the door for other investment programs and is there a limit to the number of payroll deductions we can handle.  Leach stated that when any investment companies approach him, he puts them in contact with the union.  This request is coming from the PBA.  Hardy asked if this would cause other companies to request the same service.  Leach said if they are faced with too many companies, they will have to look at the limits of the payroll system.  Yocum told Leach the Council will look at the proposed Resolution.


Draft Conservation Easement Ordinance

            Yocum advised that a letter was received from Cohen.  Cohen has met with Coe and it does not appear that the Conservation Easement Ordinance is necessary with the restrictions of the Highlands and our current restrictions.  Yocum asked the Council if they agreed to take this matter off the Agenda and consider the matter complete.  Magnotti stated that she will notify the Environmental Commission and the Planning Board.


Township Property Sale

            Leach advised the Council that he obtained a print out of municipally owned properties in the Township.  After going through the list and inspecting properties, he has identified those with no municipal purpose, which by statute are supposed to be sold and returned to the tax rolls.  With three exceptions, they are all non-conforming properties that will be sold to the adjoining property owner to be joined with their existing property.  There is one 4-1/2 acre piece that borders Route 15 South on Bowling Green Parkway with an estimated value of $300,000.  The town has been working with Habitat for Humanity on some small lots in the East Shore area and a lot on the corner of Route 181.  Those two lots can be sold to them without going to public auction and the town will get COAH credits for those houses.  There is also another property in the Woodport area, which will be offered to the adjoining property owners.  Leach said he will be going over each property with Elam on Friday morning so they can come up with the final list.  The sale will take place in August.


Property Tax Reform Resolution

            Yocum explained that there was a request and a sample Resolution for Property Tax Reform.  He asked the Council what they wished to do.  Merz stated that it has merit and she feels the Council should move forward.  Hardy agreed that the Council should move forward.  Birmingham stated that they have taken this type of action in the past and seen no results.  Yocum said that the Council will move forward with the Resolution.


Water Restrictions

            Leach reported that over the past two weekends, there has been very heavy water use.  To conserve water for the long term, under Ordinance 8-80, water restrictions will be imposed with the odd/even lawn watering only and no filling of swimming pools over 2500 gallons.  Yocum added that he spoke with the Mayor earlier and the only difference these restrictions make is that you cannot water your lawn with a sprinkler every day.


Vehicle Purchase

            Leach stated that he and Eagen had a meeting with the Morris County Improvement Authority about financing.  They are looking at Public Safety purchases of two fire trucks, two ambulances and possibly two first responder fire vehicles.  Leach told the Council that they would like to do a non-binding Resolution and it will indicate that in the future the town may want to finance additions to this building through them.  Leach explained that they may finance the vehicles for the immediate purchase with a lease through the improvement authority.  Yocum asked if all Council members were in agreement to go forward with the Resolution and everyone agreed.



            Resolution #05-65:  Authorize Passage of Consent Agenda                                     (107-A)

            Yocum advised that there is not a Certification of Availability of Funds for the Ford Escape and the vote would be contingent upon Eagen obtaining that.  Birmingham commented that the bond on this vehicle will be paid for 10 years.  Leach stated that normally they do bond anticipation notes that last for 12 years, however, within that note part of the debt is paid down each year because there are items that will not last the entire life of the note.

Motion:  Merz, second Hardy

                        Mr. Hardy                           Aye

            Mrs. Merz                      Aye

                        Mr. Sanchelli                                 Absent

            Vice President Birmingham   Aye

                        President Yocum                   Aye


Miscellaneous/Public Portion

Yocum asked if there were any members of the public that would like to come forward with a question or comment and Glen Smith of 1102 Weldon Road came forward.  He stated that on April 23rd he sent a letter to the Mayor, the Director of the Water Utility and the Fire Official asking for assistance with his son’s Eagle Scout project.  They have not received a reply yet.  Leach told Smith that this was just discussed last week and they are moving ahead with the project.  Smith stated that his son needs written verification that he is working on this project that he can send to the Boy Scout Council.  Leach said he will arrange a meeting with Finnegan and he asked Smith to call him on Friday.  Smith asked about the funding and Leach stated that Finnegan looked at the flags which are $14 per hydrant and they will be using a $3 clamp.  The town will help with the funding and also advise Smith where to go for supplies.


Yocum asked if there were any other member of the audience with questions or comments and seeing no one come forward, he closed the public portion of the meeting.


Yocum stated that he will probably not be at next week’s Council meeting.  He also advised that he attended Jefferson Fire Company No. 1’s Wet Down last weekend.  It was a tremendous family night out and it was extremely well run and well planned.


Adjournment at 8:48 p.m.

Motion:  Birmingham, second Merz

                        Mr. Hardy                           Aye

            Mrs. Merz                      Aye

                        Mr. Sanchelli                                 Absent

            Vice President Birmingham   Aye

                        President Yocum                   Aye


Dated:  June 8, 2005


Attested:                                                         Approved:





_________________________                ___________________________________

Lydia Magnotti, Township Clerk                     Richard W. Yocum, Council President



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