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TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2006

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Jefferson Township Planning Board, pursuant to due notice and in compliance with the Sunshine Law.

Municipal Building, Jefferson Township, at 8:00 PM.


Presiding:            Chairman Williams

Secretary:            Joanne Meyer


Present:                                                Also Present:                                                Absent:


Councilwoman Merz                            Julia Donahue, Board Attorney            Chief Palko

Mr. Mikowski                                      James Coe, Board Engineer         

Vice Chairman Hartery                        Jill Hartmann, Board Planner            

Mayor Felter

Mr. Mitchko

Mr. Deutsch                                                                                        

Mr. Marthens (8:10pm)

Mr. Hine

Chairman Williams






Lakeland Properties, LLC                         No. 06-05        Block 260.01, Lots 16 & 17

                                                                                                215 Route 15 South

                                                                                                Minor Site Plan


            Ms. Hartmann stated we have not received the additional information needed, so the application is deemed incomplete.



Castro                                                               No. 06-09        Block 506, Lot 3

                                                                                                19 Laurel Drive

                                                                                                Minor Subdivision


            Ms. Hartmann stated this application has been deemed complete and the application can be heard this evening.


            Mayor Felter moved to hear the application tonight.  Councilwoman Merz seconded the motion.


In Favor:            Councilwoman Merz, Mr. Mikowski, Vice Chairman Hartery, Mayor Felter, Mr. Deutsch, Mr. Mitchko, Mr. Hine and Chairman Williams.





Castro                                                               No. 06-09        Block 506, Lot 3

                                                                                                19 Laurel Drive

                                                                                                Minor Subdivision


            Mr. Albert Gloor, Professional Engineer, is present and sworn in.


            Mr. Steven Castro, applicant, is present and sworn in.


            Mr. Gloor stated we received a report this afternoon from your engineer.  The items on the report can be discussed tonight.  This is an existing lot owned by Mr. Castro?s grandfather in a neighborhood that contains their family.


            Mr. Castro stated he grew up in Jefferson.  We have a plot of land that contains my parent?s home, my aunt and uncle?s home, which is directly next to that, my grandfather?s home, which is next to that, and the property in question is directly next to his grandfathers as part of his existing lot.  He would like to stay in town.  We are trying to keep the family together.  His grandparents are on a fixed income and are currently paying the property tax on this lot and they are hoping to offset the property tax and do him the favor by letting him have this piece of property.  The first issue on the engineers report he can address.  What Mr. Stewart did when he did the original subdivision was to put the largest allowable house within the setbacks.  He believes it was a 4,000 sq. ft. footprint.  He only plans on putting up only approximately a 3,200 sq. ft. home.


            Mr. Gloor stated the proposed dwelling is shown on sheet 3.  Lot 3.04 would be the applicant?s grandparent?s house.  The house plan as you see it is a concept plan.  The second comment in the report mentions the well across the street on Lot 7.  The well is 53 feet away and that will be addressed when the septic design is submitted.


            Mr. Coe stated going back to the first issue, if the board approves this it will be an undersized lot.  You recently had another case where an applicant kept coming back with a larger house.  In that case you put a limit on the size house that could be put on the property.  The applicant is saying the house will be smaller then what we see on the plan.  Is that correct?


            Mr. Castro stated yes.


            Mr. Coe stated the house on the plans scale 80 feet wide across the front.  Perhaps the board would recognize this would be the maximum.


            Mr. Castro stated when he originally spoke with Mr. Stewart, since he was not sure what size home he wanted or could afford, he said he would put in the maximum within the setbacks the town allows.  With the two stories it would be 8,000 sq. ft. and he doesn?t plan on building anything close to that.


            Mr. Coe stated with respect to the issue with the well across the street, you have shown circles for all the other wells on this plan.  For some reason your engineer did not show a circle for the well that is the closest well.  That circle should be added to give the guy building the septic what his constraints are.


            Mr. Castro stated in looking at the map, he would say the closest well would be his grandfathers.


            Mr. Coe stated the testimony was this well is 53 feet away, which is closer then your grandfathers.


            Mr. Gloor stated the test pits were done last Thursday.  He did log the soils with the board of health.  We will add the circle around the well located 53 feet away.  Item #3 states a dry well indicated should be shown on the property.  There will be a dry well shown on the plans.  Item #4 the septic system on the adjacent lot 2 is beyond the adjacent dwelling and beyond the 50 foot well casing circle.  That will be indicated on the plan also.  Item #5 the pre-existing structures shown, the shed, might require variances.


            Mr. Castro stated he spoke with his grandfather about that and we have no problem removing all the sheds from the property.


            Ms. Hartmann stated the only one that needs to be removed is the one that goes beyond the property line and is right next to the other shed.  The ordinance requires that sheds be 5 feet off the property line and 6 feet apart from each other.  You can have a maximum of 3 sheds.


            Mr. Coe stated he would like dimensions of the two that will remain if they will remain.


            Mr. Gloor stated item #6 would be addressed before permits would be sought.


            Mr. Castro stated he knows he is seeking a variance for the square footage of the lot.  However, if you look at the tax map for that area, all the lots are grossly undersized.  Even though the new lot will be undersized, it would be larger then most of the existing lots.


            Chairman Williams asked if he were meeting all the setback requirements.


            Mr. Castro stated from what he was told by Mr. Stewart is that all the setbacks are met.


            Mr. Coe stated the plan shows that the only variance is lot size, which is 23,500 sq. ft. vs. 30,000.


            Ms. Hartmann stated the existing house in the proposed subdivision will result in a conforming lot.


Chairman Williams opened the meeting to the public.

            There being no comments the public portion is closed.


                        Mayor Felter moved to approve the application with the condition the square footage footprint is no more then what is shown on the plans and he gets his highlands applicability determination.  Councilwoman Merz seconded the motion.


            Mr. Coe stated if the highlands determines your applicable, you may be restricted 300 feet from Cozy Lake, which could extend into your proposed dwelling.


In Favor:            Councilwoman Merz, Mr. Mikowski, Vice Chairman Hartery, Mayor Felter, Mr. Deutsch, Mr. Mitchko, Mr. Hine, and Chairman Williams.






Meyer                                                               No. 06-08        Block 520, Lot 1

                                                                                                1 Fredericks Road

                                                                                                Minor Subdivision


            Councilwoman Merz moved to approve the resolution.  Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.


In Favor:            Councilwoman Merz, Mr. Mikowski, Mr. Mitchko, Mr. Marthens, and Mr. Hine.



TFUF Enterprises, LLC                             No. 06-07        Block 266, Lots 3, 4 & 6

                                                                                                12 Taylor Road

                                                                                                Minor Site Plan


            Councilwoman Merz moved to approve the resolution.  Mr. Marthens seconded the motion.


In Favor:            Councilwoman Merz, Mr. Mikowski, Mr. Mitchko, Mr. Marthens, and Mr. Hine.





            Mr. Mitchko moved to approve the minutes.  Councilwoman Merz seconded the motion.


In Favor:            All.





August Meeting: 


            Chairman Williams stated there are no applications to be heard next month so we will cancel the August meeting.


            Chairman Williams moved to cancel the meeting for August 8, 2006.  Mr. Deutsch seconded the motion.


            In Favor:  All.





            Councilwoman Merz moved to adjourn at 9:13 PM.

            Mr. Mikowski seconded the motion.


            In Favor:  All.




Respectfully Submitted by:





Joanne Meyer

Secretary to the Planning Board

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