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Minutes of a Reorganization Meeting, followed by a Regular Meeting of the Jefferson Township Planning Board, pursuant to due notice and in compliance with the Sunshine Law.

Municipal Building, Jefferson Township, at 8:00 PM.


Presiding:            Chairman Williams

Secretary:            Joanne Meyer


Present:                                    Also Present:                                                            Absent:

Councilwoman Merz                Glenn Kienz, Board Attorney         

Mr. Mikowski                          Joaquim Fernandes, Board Engineer                     

Mr. Hartery                             Jill Hartmann, Board Planner            

Chief Palko

Mayor Felter

Mr. Mitchko

Mr. Deutsch                                                                            

Mr. Hine

Dr. Williams





            Mr. Mitchko moved to appoint Dr. Clifford Williams as Chairman.

Mr. Deutsch seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



            Mr. Deutsch moved to appoint Patrick Hartery as Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



            Mr. Mitchko moved to appoint Joanne Meyer as Board Secretary.

Mr. Deutsch seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



Councilwoman Merz moved to appoint Glenn Kienz as Board Attorney.

Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



            Mr. Mitchko moved to appoint Jill Hartmann as Board Planner.

Vice Chairman Hartery seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



Mr. Mitchko moved to appoint Jack Fernandes of Hatch Mott MacDonald, as Board Engineer.

Mr. Deutsch seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



Chairman Williams moved for subcommittees to stay the same, except Mr. Hine will be on the completeness committee.

Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



Chairman Williams moved to hold regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, with the first Tuesday being set aside for alternate or special meetings.

Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.



Chairman Williams moved to appoint the ?Daily Record? as the official newspaper of the Planning Board and the ?Star Ledger? as the alternate.

Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.

In Favor:  All.






Hideaway Café                                      No. 06-10        Block 462, Lot 15

                                                                                    5604 Berkshire Valley Road

                                                                                    Minor Site Plan & ?C? Variance


            Mr. Guillermo Galvan, applicant, is present and sworn in.


            Mr. George Gloede, Professional Engineer, is present and sworn in.  He gave his credentials and the board accepted them.


            Mr. Kienz stated this application is a request for a minor site plan and ?C? variances so as to permit the conversion of an existing structure from a bar and residence to a restaurant and residence.  The ?C? variances concern the number of parking stalls on the site.


            Mr. Gloede stated also for the lot coverage, which is an existing situation.


            Mr. Kienz stated the parking lot exists, however it is not all improved, so you are doing improvements to that area which will technically increase impervious coverage.


            Mr. Gloede stated if you take into account the gravel itself as impervious, the existing lot coverage is 88.3%.  With the building and the pavement we are putting in, we are actually reducing it to 85.2%.  The lot is .14 acres.  It is an existing vacant building that is being remodeled into a café.  The parking lot currently is all gravel.  We are proposing to pave the parking lot, putting in some Belgium block curbing at the entrance off Berkshire Valley Road.  It will be a one-way entrance off Berkshire Valley Road and the exit will be out onto Maple Avenue.  We will stripe the parking lot so we will have a total of 9 parking spaces, one being a handicap space.  To discourage people from pulling into the parking lot off of Maple, we are proposing to put a guide rail along the Maple Avenue side along the property line.  We have approval from the Health Department for the septic system and have installed the grease trap, a brand new septic tank and connected everything up.  There was an existing concrete walkway out in front of the building towards Maple Avenue.  This was removed and replaced with a paver block walkway.  The existing sign out on Berkshire Valley Road is to remain at the same location, which was grandfathered in.  We have the permits to do the sign and it will be reconditioned.


            Mr. Kienz asked if he has seen the report from Hatch Mott Macdonald.


            Mr. Gloede stated he had and he has a problem with number 4, which concerns putting in drywells for the roof drainage system.  The problem is DEP code requires we be 50 feet away from our septic system.  The drywell would have to be put in around parking space number 4, which is quite a distance away and up hill from the building.


            Mr. Fernandes stated we need some sort of drywell system because of the increase in runoff from the paved parking lot.  We were looking for something to mitigate that.  The site is small enough that it doesn?t have to comply with the storm water management regulations.  They should provide some kind of storage of the runoff.  He is not sure if it has to be 50 feet away from the septic system.


            Mr. Kienz stated it seems this is something the engineer could work out with Mr. Fernandes? office to work out some kind of solution.


            Mr. Fernandes stated he thinks it could be placed in the northeast corner near the dumpster.


            Mr. Gloede stated the seepage pits are at Maple Avenue at the driveway.  The plan you have in front of you is the wrong location.  When we originally dug out all the information on the existing septic system, the as-built plan in the file of the Health Department showed the septic system was out in Maple Avenue.  The Health Department agreed that it must have been a mistake and instead of putting in Maple Avenue, they should have put in Berkshire Valley Road.  We ended up showing it on the front of the building, which is what you have in front of you.  When we went back out there to excavate for the new septic tanks, we found them out in Maple Avenue.  They are not even on the property, but within the right of way of Maple Avenue.  The Health Department has no problem with it and has issued the permits for everything.


            Mr. Fernandes stated something still has to be provided to mitigate some of the runoff.


            Mr. Gloede stated we are proposing to put a gutter along the front of the building, so maybe we could put something on the other side of the handicap space.


            Mr. Fernandes stated you should provide some calculations for that and we can review it.


            Chairman Williams asked if he had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Fernandes or Mr. Coe prior to coming here tonight.


            Mr. Gloede stated he did not.


            Chairman Williams stated he should sit down with Mr. Fernandes and see if you can?t come up with the best possible use out of what we are dealing with here.


            Mr. Gloede stated there are only a couple of items on the report that he would like to go over.

            Mr. Kienz stated there is a feeling that this is engineering questions and the board is not inclined to take the time to do it here.  The board is saying they would like the things worked out with their engineer before the hearing.


            Mr. Gloede stated the site is what it is.  We haven?t changed the building; the use is less intense then what was there before.  We are asking for a variance on the number of parking spaces.


            Chairman Williams asked if he saw the report from Ms. Hartmann.


            Mr. Gloede stated he just received it tonight and has not had a chance to go over it.


            Chairman Williams stated you should meet with her on that also.  Hopefully it will not delay your plans for opening.


            Mr. Gloede stated the only issue we were concerned with was we were planning on paving as soon as possible while the weather is still okay.


            Chairman Williams stated the drainage problem needs to be addressed.  The amount of paving is one thing, but he would like to see them get as much parking as possible.  Where are the employees going to park?


            Mr. Gloede stated the parking count number, one space for three seats, includes parking for employees as well as patrons.


Chairman Williams opened the meeting to the public.


Mr. Henry Porcja, 5602 Berkshire Valley Road, is sworn in.  He owns lot 13 next door as well as lot 16, which is behind the site.


Mr. Porcja stated his concern is for water runoff and where is the water going to go.  Because of improvements done to Berkshire Valley Road, there is a crown in the roadway that causes the water to run down Maple Avenue, onto the Hidden Café property and also on to my property.  If they pave the parking lot, where is all the water going to run.  Also, the guide rail they are proposing along Maple Avenue will cause a problem with snow removal.  Where will they put the snow after they plow the parking lot?  Also, will the Belgium block restrict any run off coming in from Berkshire Valley Road?


Mr. Kienz stated these are details that the engineers will work out when they meet.


Councilwoman Merz asked about curbing or berms.


Mr. Gloede stated the only place we are putting Belgium block is in two small areas right at the entrance from Berkshire Valley Road.  It goes around the landscaped area around the sign and in a small area from Berkshire Valley Road to the first parking space.


Chairman Williams stated if it needs to be extended in anyway, you need to work that out with Mr. Fernandes.


Mr. Fernandes stated we need a drainage analysis for the site.  The lighting and landscaping also needs to be addressed.


Chief Palko stated the curbing appears to go into the right of way.  This needs to be addressed.


Chairman Williams asked about making Maple Avenue one side of the street parking only.


Mr. Porcja stated if you restrict parking to the restaurant side, people will be parking on my property behind the restaurant.


Ms. Hartmann stated there is approximately 18 feet of land between the paved way and the beginning of anybody?s property going down Maple Avenue.  The right of way is 20 feet wide.


Chairman Williams asked if any members of the public were living in the area when the Valley Roost pub was in operation and did that business cause much of a parking problem.


Mr. Porcja stated yes.  They would sometime park in the barbershop lot on Berkshire Valley Road and along the roadway.


Chairman Williams stated people might park on the shoulder of Berkshire Valley Road to run in and get a coffee.


Mr. Gloede stated it would be difficult to park on Berkshire Valley Road because you have a utility pole and the sign for the café right there.


Ms. Hartmann asked what the hours of operation are going to be.


Mr. Galvan stated 7am-9pm Monday through Thursday and 7am-11pm Friday and Saturday.


            There being no other comments the public portion is closed.


            Mr. Kienz stated the majority of issues are engineering issues.  If the board wants our office can prepare a favorable resolution for the next meeting and if the application is approved at the next meeting we can vote on the resolution and the applicant will not lose any time.  If the details are not worked out to the board?s satisfaction, then the board will not vote on the resolution.


            Chairman Williams stated the next meeting is February 13th.





Green & Fifteen Realestate, LLC             No. 06-11        Block 273.01, Lot 2.06

                                                                                                Bowling Green Pkwy & Rt 15 S.

                                                                                                Minor Subdivision, Preliminary

Major Site Plan & Bulk Area Variances


            Resolution carried to February 13, 2007.


Housing Element and Fair Share Plan


            Councilwoman Merz moved to approve the resolution.  Mr. Mitchko seconded the motion.


            In Favor:  All.






Design Ordinance Review:


            Chairman Williams stated the completeness committee will be the subcommittee to review this.


NJPO Training Program:


            Ms. Meyer stated there are training classes available for February and March for board members to sign up for.  All board members are required, unless exempt, to take a class.





            Mr. Mitchko moved to approve the minutes.  Vice Chairman Hartery seconded the motion.


In Favor:            All.




            Mr. Mikowski moved to adjourn at 8:56 PM.

             Vice Chairman Hartery seconded the motion.


            In Favor:  All.


Respectfully Submitted by:





Joanne Meyer

Secretary to the Planning Board

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