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Meeting Schedules, Agendas, Minutes  
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Roll Call
Roll Call

Present                                     Absent

                        Mr. Hardy

Mrs. Merz

Mr. Sanchelli

Vice President Birmingham         President Yocum

            Larry Cohen, Township Attorney

                        Lydia Magnotti, Township Clerk


            Mrs. Magnotti said, “Let the record show that Mayor Felter will not be attending this evening, however, Administrator Leach is present.


Salute to the Flag

Vice President Birmingham asked that everyone rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Notice of Presiding Officer

Vice President Birmingham said, “This Council Workshop meeting for September 14, 2005, commencing at 7:30 p.m. has been properly noticed in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act by notice to the official newspapers of the Township on September 8, 2005.”


Work Session Items:

Board of Adjustment Escrow Fees

            Cohen stated that the recommendation from the Board of Adjustment is to raise the Escrow Fees from $300 to $400.  If the Council is in agreement with the recommendation, he will prepare an Ordinance.  The raise will cover advertising fees and consulting fees, which at present are creating shortages.  Cohen commented that the A and B appeals are relatively simple.  The C appeal is somewhat more involved and on the D appeal they do not have a request.  Birmingham stated that the Building fees were increased last year and he feels we should be comparable with surrounding municipalities.  Cohen stated that the last time this was done was October of 2002.  Merz asked Cohen if he feels the C rate structure should be a little higher.  Cohen answered that this is their recommendation and C appeals are a bit more involved.  The escrow money is returned if it is not used.  Cohen asked if everyone is agreeable, he will prepare an Ordinance for the September 21 Agenda.


Taylor Road Ordinance

            Leach stated that the Ordinance was done in 2002.  The State did a speed survey and when they sent the results there was a problem with the wording.  Corporal Muller has done his own survey with the correct wording and he will submit that to the State.  Leach explained that even though the Ordinance was passed it was not approved because the speed survey was incorrect.  Birmingham stated that more and more cars are using Taylor Road in the morning to bypass the light at Route 15 and Berkshire Valley Road.  He asked Leach to have Officer Muller check on the traffic in that area.


Stop Sign at Intersection of Boa Vista Drive and Canal Crossing

            Leach stated that based on the residents’ request, Corporal Muller has investigated the need for a stop sign for people entering the development at Boa Vista before making the right or left onto Canal Crossing.  Merz commented that this development receives a lot of traffic from people cutting through to get to Lakeside Field.  Hardy asked if the town will be putting a centerline stripe on that road.  Leach made a note of it.  Cohen will prepare an Ordinance for the September 21 Agenda.



            Resolution #05-88:  Monticello Estates Release of Performance Bond                     (134-A)

          Cohen stated that Elam and Coe have signed off on this matter.  There is a $7,000 payment coming back to the town into the Recreation Trust Fund.  Birmingham stated that the Maintenance Bond will go into affect for two years now and Cohen said that is correct.  Magnotti stated that the Resolution has been amended to include plus Interest on the Performance Bond.

Motion:  Sanchelli, second Merz

                        Mr. Hardy                           Aye

            Mrs. Merz                      Aye

                        Mr. Sanchelli                                 Aye

            Vice President Birmingham   Aye

                        President Yocum                   Absent


            Resolution #05-92:  Authorize DEP Grant for $25,000                                                   (135-A)

          Leach commented that the town will match with in kind services.

Motion:  Sanchelli, second Hardy

                        Mr. Hardy                           Aye

            Mrs. Merz                      Aye

                        Mr. Sanchelli                                 Aye

            Vice President Birmingham   Aye

                        President Yocum                   Absent


Miscellaneous/Public Portion

Birmingham asked if there were any members of the public that would like to come forward with a question or comment and Rich Adams of 29 Lark Lane came forward.  He is experiencing flooding on his property and he has heard that the resident behind him will be clearcutting his lot.  It is his understanding that the way the surface water management plan was done for Robins Glen, the water is routed across his yard and into the detention basin on the corner of Lark Lane.  Adams stated that he has been in his home for 10 years.  For the first 3 years there was no problem and then in the 4th, 6th and 10th years, he has had to put pumps went in.  Adams explained that he brought in an engineer.  Adams has a continuous flow of surface water through his pumps.  It is his concern that with the new building, additions, garages, clearing and driveways that are happening around him, the situation will continue to worsen.  His neighbor, Mr. Berger, told him that he has approval from Coe to clear-cut his lot and install a drainage system that will be 150’ long and will tie into the stormwater system that is in the road.  Adams then stated that he is president of the Robins Glen Homeowners Association.  They have had a Board meeting and they have concerns about his system.  They asked Mr. Berger to submit plans last year and they have not been forthcoming.  Adams has been told that it will be a closed system with the pipes buried underground and it will go into the drainage in the road.  The Homeowners Association owns a detention basin that they are responsible for and they have concerns especially with the Highlands legislation because the detention basin discharges onto reservoir land.  Adams asked the Administration to have Coe put a stop work order on the clear-cutting of the lot until the Homeowners Association has an idea of what this system will look like.  Leach asked Adams how large the area is that Berger intends to clear-cut and Berger explained that it is approximately 75x12.  Leach then stated that an area that large cannot be clear-cut without a permit.  Cohen stated that he would need a permit and Planning Board approval for anything that he is constructing.  Cohen suggested that Adams go to the Municipal Building and ask to see a copy of the plans and the permits.  Adams then stated that he still has the drainage problems.  One year after the homes were completed, the builder came back and disconnected all the drainage from the drywells, because people were complaining about water in basements.  Now there is surface water running all over.  Leach took Adams’ phone number and stated that he will get in touch with Coe and phone him in the morning.


            Linda Hamer of 5 Fox Chase Road came forward and stated that she is the President of the Chamber of Commerce.  She thanked the Council and Administration for the use of Camp Jefferson for the Family Fun Day and the concert that will follow on Saturday, September 17.  Birmingham stated that the businesses and residents of the town are benefiting from the work that the Chamber is doing.  Hamer reported to the Council that on Saturday they will be holding a Memory Lane and they have invited the descendents of the people who were the original benefactors that created Camp Clifton.  She extended an invitation to the Council to welcome those descendents, which will take place at the Chamber Cabin at 1:00 p.m.  Birmingham suggested that Hamer get in touch with the Historical Society because the history of Camp Clifton should be in the archives.


            Art Bonito, the President of Jefferson Highlights stated that a committee of 6 people have worked on this event for 16 weeks.  The Amphitheatre has gone from approximately 90 seats to 450 seats.  The Camp has come very far.  Their goal is to do a whole subscription series of concerts next year.  Every penny, after expenses, will go back into the Camp.  Birmingham commented on the volunteer spirit that has driven the renovation of the Camp.  There will be 2 shuttle buses to accommodate some of the traffic.


Birmingham asked if there were any other members of the audience with questions or comments and seeing no one come forward, he closed the public portion of the meeting.


Merz reported that there is an Environmental Commission meeting this evening and they will be discussing the email that the Council received about the grant funding.  She suggested that the Council prepare a letter or Resolution strongly urging that the funding be kept in place.  Since the Environmental Commission will be discussing this, they will probably be making a recommendation to the Council as well as doing a letter of intent on the funds.


Adjournment at 8:10 p.m.

Motion:  Merz, second Sanchelli

                        Mr. Hardy                           Aye

            Mrs. Merz                      Aye

                        Mr. Sanchelli                                 Aye

            Vice President Birmingham   Aye

                        President Yocum                   Absent


Dated:  September 14, 2005


Attested:                                                         Approved:





_________________________                ___________________________________

Lydia Magnotti, Township Clerk                     Richard W. Yocum, Council President



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