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Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp  
Staff at Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp   
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THE STAFF AT CAMP JEFFERSON SUMMER DAY CAMP                                              ARE CARING PEOPLE

Jefferson Township Recreation Department Director
Grace C. Rhinesmith

Began her career with the Girls' and Boys' Club of Wayne.  She was appointed Recreation Director in Jefferson Township in 1999 and continues in that capacity.  She is active in the community as a volunteer sports coach and Girl Scout leader and is the mother of two daughters.

Camp Directors
Terri McCarney
A former pre-school teacher and substitute teacher in the Jefferson Township High School for nine years, Terri seized the opportunity to create a summer day camp program.   She has been actively involved in the community as a recreation softball coach and was the Head Varsity Cheerleading Coach at Jefferson Township High School for 10 years. She also served as a board member of the Jefferson Township Recreation Cheerleading Association, the Jefferson Township Youth Football League, and the Recreation Advisory Board.  Mother of four, Terri was instrumental in starting the Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp in 2003 and continues as Camp Director.

Theresa (Terry) Koontz

Presently a Social Studies teacher at the Jefferson Township Middle School, Terry has been active in the community over the years involved as a middle school soccer and track coach and officer of the Milton Recreation Association and the Jefferson Youth Soccer League.  She presently serves on the township's Recreation Advisory Board and is the Advisor of the Jefferson Township Middle School Student Council.  A mother of two, Terry was instrumental in starting the Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp in 2003 and continues as a Camp Director.

Assistant Camp Director

Bryna Hubert

Head Counselors
Staff members are 18 and older and oftentimes a college student or a teacher.  All are required to undergo a criminal background check and are First Aid/CPR certified.

Senior Counselors
Staff members 17 and older and usually going into their senior year of high school or a college student.  If over 18, they are required to undergo a criminal background check and be First Aid/CPR certified. 

Junior Counselors
Staff members are going into their junior year of high school; and while not required, they can become First
Aid/CPR certified.

Staff members, many of whom work in the school system as teachers and/or aides,  have the qualifications and backgrounds to conduct certain elective classes such as art, science, cooking, etc.

Camp Nurse
Sharon D. Messerle

A full-time registered nurse who serves as as substitute nurse in several school districts, Sharon is on-site in a dedicated cabin on the grounds of Camp Jefferson and maintains the Camp's Nurse's Station.  Should she be absent or accompanying campers with medical needs on off-site trips, Camp Jefferson will employ a trained EMT to remain on site during her absence.  (Refer to "Camp Policies" for a complete overview of the Camp's Health and Medical Policies, the dispensing of medications, etc.)   Sharon is the mother of five children and grandmother to nine, some of whom have attended the Camp Jefferson Summer Day  Camp.

Camp EMT

Kathleen C. Jacoby
A certified EMT, Kathy is a volunteer and former Chief of the Jefferson Rescue Squad.  She has served as a substitute EMT at Camp Jefferson over the past couple of years when the Camp Nurse was absent or accompanying campers requiring medical attention while on an off-site trip.  Kathy and Camp Nurse Sharon Messerle will work hand in hand tending to the medical needs of the campers and maintaining all medical records. Kathy holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and has two children.

Recreation Department Office
Carol Punturieri, Recreation Program Coordinator

A former administrative assistant on Wall Street for 11 years and reporter/editor of AIM Newspapers for 10 years, Carol began a new career in the Jefferson Township Clerk's office as a Deputy Clerk in 2000.  She transferred to her present full-time position in the Recreation Department in 2003 and was involved in the early stages of establishing the Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp from an administrative perspective.  She is assisted during the summer day camp program by two seasonal full-time employees who are all involved in the camp's registration process, camper scheduling, billing, etc.


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