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BUILDING DEPARTMENT:        973-208-6110 or 973- 208-6113


Any documents in bold print are provided by the Building Department.

Everything else listed must be provided by the applicant (i.e. surveys, construction plans and brochures) as required by the Building Department.


Mechanical permits are for residential uses only. Used for oil tank installation/removal, air conditioning systems (with electric subcode), water heater, boiler, furnace, gas tanks, etc.  Water heaters and hot water boilers can also be put on plumbing permits instead.


Electrical & Plumbing work may be done by the homeowner if they live in the house. If they rent the property, or if the property is commercial, they must hire licensed contractors. If they hire electricians or plumbers, the licensed electrical/plumbing contractor must sign and seal the electrical or plumbing subcode applications and provide their license numbers. Construction work, etc. can be performed by homeowners.


The Identification, Technical Site Data, and Cost of Work must be filled out on all applications. Applicant must provide Block & Lot (available in blue book on counter, tax office, or on a tax or utility bill). Applications must be appropriately signed, as well as the inside cover of the CPA folder.


Plans drawn by an architect or engineer MUST BE SEALED AND SIGNED by the professional. Two sealed copies are required. One will be returned upon issuance of permit. Homeowners may draw plans for their own house. Sealed professional plans are required for commercial projects.


Documents required for permit applications:

ADDITION:  Building Subcode application

                        Electrical Subcode application

                        Plumbing Subcode application (only for plumbing/heating)

                        Fire Subcode application (only for smoke detectors for new bedrooms)

                        Application for Certificate

                        Construction Permit & CPA folder

                        Survey showing addition & setbacks to property lines

                        (2) sets of construction plans by homeowner or architect only


DECKS:         Building Subcode application

                        Application for Certificate

                        Construction Permit & CPA folder

                        Information sheet on decks

                        Survey showing location of deck

                        (2) copies of construction drawings, drawn by homeowner


GARAGE:     Detached garage, same application & guidelines as for shed.

Attached garage, treat as addition. May need electrical permit. Plumbing and fire usually not required.


NEW HOME: Give same application as for addition, with all subcodes. Have applicant

call with questions. Drive and Grade applications required for new homes on empty lots (not for reconstruction).


POOLS:         Building Subcode application

                        Electrical Subcode application

                        Plumbing or Mechanical Subcode application, if the pool will be heated

                        Application for Certificate

                        Construction Permit & CPA folder

                        Brochures for pool, filter & pump

                        Engineer certification required for inground pools

Pools must be in rear yard only, 10? house, 6? from property lines. Survey must show pool and proposed fence. Surface surrounding pool must be declared (ex. Pavers, concrete, etc.) for bonding purposes.

Homeowners performing their own electrical work for pools must provide a wiring diagram.


ROOF/SIDING:        Building Subcode application

                                    Construction Permit & CPA folder

                        Permits issued same day if for a residential property.


SHED:            Permits for sheds are only required if shed is more than 100 sq. ft.

Same permit package required as for deck. If shed is pre-fabricated, a brochure instead of construction plans is okay. A survey showing shed location is still required. All sheds must be located in rear yard, 5' from property lines, 10' from house. Maximum 18' high. Foundation plans are required if the shed is larger than 200 sq. ft.


TANKS:         Mechanical Subcode for residential use only. Install & demo can be done on the same application if done by the same contractor. Two different contractors require two different applications.

                        Construction Permit & CPA folder



ZONING questions must be directed to Bruce Decker (across the hall) at 973-208-6112.

Code Enforcement Complaints: Andy Diamond 973-208-3637.


Questions regarding septic systems and wells should be directed to the Health Department at 973-208-6121 or 973-208-6124.


For the resale of a home: no Certificate of Occupancy is required. The fire marshal performs smoke detector inspections. Call 973-208-9400 for an appointment. The Building Department does not do anything (inspections, certificates, etc.) for resale of a home. Letters stating no Certificate of Occupancy is required are available for $10. Block, Lot and Address must be provided.



Construction Official Tom Mahoney is only in from 9-11:30a.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The electrical inspector has voicemail at 973-208-3624 and is available for phone calls from 7-9:30 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday.



973-208-6110 or 6113

FAX: 973-697-1805





Thomas Mahoney  --              Construction Official and Building Inspector 

     Office hours:  9a.m.-12p.m. Monday, Tuesday, thursday

     Inspection hours:  12p.m.-4p.m. (out of office)


            Check for availability Wednesday and Friday around lunchtime.





Domenick Carnevale --  Plumbing Inspector and Subcode Official

      Inspection hours:  after 3 p.m.

      Tuesday and Thursday only




Bill Patterson -- Fire Inspector

     Inspection hours: mornings

     Monday, Wednesday, Friday




Bob Moentenich -- Electrical Inspector and Subcode Official

     973-208-3624 please leave message

     Inspections hours: after 9:30 a.m.

     Hours: Tuesday, Thursday




Bruce Decker -- 973-208-6112

Monday - Friday before 3:30 p.m.

Leave message with questions/complaints.



Contact Jeff Elam in the DPW.


                                                                                      8:00 A.M. UNTIL 3:30 P.M. FRIDAY

(Summer hours are until 4:00 p.m.)


Permits picked up after 3:00 p.m. may be dated for the next business day.


To see Township Planner, please make an appointment through the Administration Office. 


The Building Department does not inspect homes for resale.

For the resale of a home, please call the Fire Bureau at 973-208-6114 to schedule

a smoke detector inspection.

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