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January 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes  
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 Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance Committee

January 20, 2015
Welcome guest(s):  In attendance:  Councilwoman Debi Merz, Mayor Russ Felter, Janet Boetticher, Officer Ivan Rodriguez, Melina Caljean, Susan Woomer, Heather Marsh, Kristine Wilsusen  Students:  Kayleigh Silverstein, Cortney Scanlon, Samantha
Old Business:
Grant Review:                                                                                                    Coordinator
We are granted from GCADA $15,690.00.   We have revisions on some of the grants.  This is for the Fiscal Year 2016.  Grant will be submitted by February 6, 2015.
Funding request:  Daytop Village  (Jefferson Twp. Middle School)  Requesting $250.00
            Funding request:  cost of pizza for students from TJ’s Pizzeria       National Drug Facts week                       Fee: $48.00 (Kristine paid for this)
            Funding request:  Transitioning Into High School    Fee:  $400.00
New Business:
                        Teen Center.  First event initially was on February 20 now on March 20th.
                        JTPD:  (Officer Ivan)  National Night Out:  Tuesday, August 4, 2015
                        JTEAM (Heather Marsh)
                        Scholarship forms for JTHS due on Feb 13.   Scholarship committee:  Melina, Susan and Janet stated they would be there.  Forms need to be submitted to JTHS with any changes.  
                        Amount of scholarships  ?
                        Website:  Kris stated that there is a new social media/website person for the Township:  Sue Toth.  We will need to get her logo (ours and GCADA), background/history of JTMAC (Debi was compiling), Request for funding forms, meeting dates, agenda, minutes.  What else do we want on website/webpage? 
TASK FORCE ON HEROIN AND OTHER OPIATE USE BY NJ YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS:  2014 (Heather Marsh)  The task force states that peer leaders are beneficial and influential in helping students attitudes toward substance use and abuse. 

Students input
Any one that requests funding will need to prepare an evaluation of their program that was funded and how many people attended and the overall review of the program needs to be sent to
IDEAS:  Panel (MARCH?  Fireside Chat) 
            DAYTOP  (April)
            Transitioning into 8th Grade(May)
            Keep Calm and Breathe On (Coping Skills for students around test week)
            PTA meetings
            WISE  (Wellness Initiative Senior Education)
            Realtor Trainings highlighting locking up medicine cabinets
            Mailing to prescribing health professionals and physicians regarding physician monitoring program and reasons why this is necessary.
            Parents Who Host pizza box campaign(APRIL/MAY
Upcoming programs: (see handouts)
JTMS, National Drug Facts Week:  Monday, Jan 26 Project Purple/Chris Herren video shown by Mrs. Francavilla in the media center during flex time.
 Tuesday, Jan. 27(SNOW DAY)
Wednesday Jan 27  Ramapo College students  NIDA handout:  Pushing Pause ways to refrain and use coping skills                Bagels donated by LOX, STOCKED & BAGELED
Thursday, Jan. 29  Ramapo College students studying Substance Abuse will be co-teaching with PDP students lessons from NIDA(National Institute on Drug Abuse)
Friday, Jan. 30   Officer Ivan and Kris Wilsusen showed “Wrecked” video from YOUTH 360 and discussed the reason for not abusing prescription drugs and why JTPD has established the prescription drug drop box.
Ramapo College is paying for bracelets stating “Everyone is not doing it.”  THANK YOU, RAMAPO COLLEGE and Dr. Stephanie Sarabia!!!  That was a generous contribution you made to our youth through your grant.  Thank you so much!
Hidden in Plain Sight (JTMS, The Center for Prevention & Counseling) Jan 30 at 7 pm, JTHS, Cafeteria  Those students that attend Battle of the Bands and have parents attend this program will be reimbursed $2.00(partial cost of Battle of the Bands) from the JTMS PTA.  30 people including staff and administration attended this program.  It was packed with excellent information.  Our very own Officer Ivan Rodriguez and Officer Tim Hecht attended to discuss what is happening in our community.  JTEAM paid for refreshments.
Chris Herren, Feb. 19, 6:30 pm Door,  7 pm Event starts Location:  Morris Knolls HS, Rockaway
GCADA is offering scholarships for the New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) Conference on Friday, March 6th at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Two GCADA Scholarships are being offered per Alliance.  If you are interested in attending this informative conference, please register using the following link:  Please be sure to select “Alliance Member” under the “agency’s primary focus question” then select “Scholarship Applicant” under the payment option then select GCADA and enter your Alliance info as directed. 
IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE USE GOOGLE CHROME TO VIEW THE LINK (it comes up weird if you view it from Internet Explorer).  You will get a confirmation e-mail that your registration has been submitted and pending approval.  At a later date, you will receive an e-mail confirmation once your scholarship is approved.
If you have any questions please contact Steve Nebesni, County Alliance Coordinator, Phone: 973-285-6860
E-mail: or NJPN directly at 732 367-0611.
NEXT MEETING on February 17th at 7:30 pm, Jefferson Twp. Municipal Bld, All-purpose room

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