Police Administration  
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The administration of the Police Department is overseen by the Chief, Deputy Chief & Captain.

Chief of Police

Kevin Craig currently serves as the Chief of Police.  The Chief of Police, as a department head, is directly accountable to Mayor Russell Felter who serves as the Director of Public Safety.  The Police Chief's responsibilities encompass the whole of the police function, from delegation of authority and assignments, to serving as the final authority in disciplinary matters, budgeting and departmental policy.  The officers under his command derive their police powers from his legislative authority.  
Chief Craig can be reached at 973-208-6151 or kcraig@jeffersonpolice.com


Deputy Police Chief


William Craig currently serves as the Deputy Police Chief and is second in command of the department.   Deputy Chief Craig is responsible for planning of goals and objectives for the department, purchasing and budget review.  The Deputy Chief also serves as the department policy manager and counter terrorism liaison to the Prosecutors Office.  Deputy Chief Craig also serves as the Township's Emergency Management Coordinator.  In the absence of the Chief, the Deputy Chief will oversee the day to day operations of the department.

Deputy Chief Craig can be reached at 973-208-6155 or wcraig@jeffersonpolice.com



Captain Eric Wilsusen is the Operations Commander and oversees the operations of the Administrative & Patrol Divisions, and also serves as Internal Affairs Officer for the department.  The Internal Affairs function is responsible for investigating complaints of officer misconduct.  See the Internal Affairs page for more information on the department's complaint procedure.  Captain Wilsusen also serves as the department's Public Information Officer and is one of the Township's four Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators.

Captain Wilsusen can be contacted at 973-208-6150 or at ewilsusen@jeffersonpolice.com


Shelley Ebbinghouser currently serves as the Police Chief's Administrative Assistant and is responsible for processing all of the paperwork from the Chief's Office, including all temporary disabled parking permits, and also serves as the Emergency Management Recording Secretary.  
Mrs. Ebbinghouser can be reached at 973-208-6151 or at squenault@jeffersonpolice.com

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Residents with temporary disabilities, or who have a parent or child with a temporary disability, can obtain a temporary disabled parking placard that, when placed in your vehicle, permits them to park in spaces reserved for disabled persons under the provisions of New Jersey state law (N.J.S.A. 39:4-197.5).  Temporary disabled parking placards are issued by the Office of the Police Chief.  They are valid for six (6) months and can be extended one time by the Police Chief for an additional (6) six months, by bringing the physical placard to police headquarters.  Applications may be obtained from the Police Department Dispatcher 24/7 and must be certified by a medical doctor.  When the completed application is returned, it must be accompanied by a check or money order (cash can not be accepted) in the amount of $4.00 (payable to N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission).  
If you need to have your temporary placard renewed or you wish to bring in a new application and obtain a new placard, please call Shelley at 973-208-6151 to be sure she will be available when you arrive.  You may also drop off your placard or completed application and check with a note containing your name and phone number, and you will be called when they are ready.  You need not call ahead if you plan to drop your documents off.
Permanent Disabled Parking Placards (Not available through Police Chief's Office)
Residents with permanent disabilities may obtain a permanent disabled parking placard from any local NJ Motor Vehicle Commission office by completing this application (remember to have your physician complete his/her part of the application also) and bringing into any NJ MVC office, where the permanent disabled placard and/or license plates and corresponding ID card will be issued while you wait. 
If you have any questions concerning the issuance of disabled parking placards, please contact the Chief's Admin. Asst. at 973-208-6151.
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