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 The Jefferson Twp. Police Dept. has maintained a full time traffic safety officer since 1988.  Det. Stephen M. Muller is currently assigned to the position.


            The Traffic Safety Officer responds to all fatal and serious motor vehicle accidents.  He is presently a member of the Morris County Prosecutor's Office Vehicular Homicide Unit.  He is certified in traffic accident reconstruction and assists with traffic engineering.  He also supplements the Patrol Bureau with traffic enforcement details throughout the community.


         The traffic safety officer also coordinates any of our specialty traffic safety
programs such as bicycle safety and child car seat inspections. Det. Muller is also responsible for the speed advisory radar trailer that is placed throughout the community. The sign is placed mainly in residential areas to make motorist aware of there speed and to hopefully help curb speeding vehicles.  If you would like to contact Det. Muller, he can be reached at 973-208-6159 or e-mail him at





Traffic Safety News

Child Safety Seats-  All children until 8 years old or 80 pounds, which ever comes first, need to be in a child safety seat.



DWI News



Since January 1, 2000 there have been 710 DWI arrests in Jefferson Twp.
  Please don't drink and drive.


Take the aggressive driver test:


Motor Scooters:

Scooters that are under 50cc's are not allowed to be operated on public roads.  Motor Vehicle Services will not title a vehicle under 50cc's since it cannot keep up with traffic.  The vehicles are illegal to operate upon sidewalks also. They may be operated upon private property with the permission of the owner.


For information on child safety seats go to the pull down menu above.

Senior Driving Information:



 Cpl. Stephen Muller
Jefferson Twp. Police Traffic Safety Bureau