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2015 Health Center Clinic Schedule


MARCH                                                                                   AUGUST

Blood Pressure (Seniors)                                                         Blood Pressure (Seniors)
            Golden Age                  9th                                                        Golden Age     10th
            Lakeland                    17th                                                         Lakeland          4th
Well Baby                              11th                                          Well Baby                     19th
Foot Care                                4th and 18th                              Foot Care                       5th and 20th
SMAC                                     7th       
APRIL                                                                                       SEPTEMBER

Blood Pressure (Seniors)                                                      Blood Pressure (Seniors)
            Golden Age                6th                                                       Golden Age      14th
             Lakeland                  14th                                                       Lakeland          15th
Well Baby                               8th                                        Well Baby                        9th
Foot Care                               1st and 16th                            Foot Care                        2nd and 16th
                                                                                          SMAC w/hearing & vision 12th
                                                                                          Women’s Cancer Screening 14th

MAY                                                                                        OCTOBER

Blood Pressure (Seniors)                                                         Blood Pressure (Seniors)
            Golden Age                   4th                                                      Golden Age        5th
            Lakeland                      12th                                                      Lakeland          13th
Well Baby                                13th                                         Well Baby                     14th                                   
Foot Care                                 6th and 20th                             Foot Care                      7th and 22th
                                                                                                 Flu Clinic                      TBA                          
Skin Care Screening                21st                                       Women’s Cancer Screening 19th

JUNE                                                                                        NOVEMBER
Blood Pressure (Seniors)                                                         Blood Pressure (Seniors)
            Golden Age                    8th                                                        Golden Age      9th
            Lakeland                        9th                                                        Lakeland          10th
Well Baby                                10th                                       Well Baby                         11th
Foot Care                                   3rd and 18th                          Foot Care                        4th and 18th
SMAC                                       6th       
Skin Care Screening                11th

JULY                                                                                         DECEMBER

Blood Pressure (Seniors)                                                         Blood Pressure (Seniors)
            Golden Age                 13th                                                      Golden Age     14th
            Lakeland                      7th                                                        Lakeland          8th
Well Baby                                8th                                          Well Baby                      9th
Foot Care                                1st and 15th                              Foot Care                       2nd and 17th

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