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Department of  Public Works

Contact Information

TEL. #973-697-2522


Service Request/Problem Notification
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Jeff Elam-Director of Public Works and Township Engineer
Telephone:  973-208-6140
Fax:             973-697-4033

Patty Romano-Engineering Secretary
Telephone:  973-208-3639
Fax:             973-697-4033

Frank Spano-Superintendent of Roads
Telephone:  973-208-6142
Fax:             973-697-3603

Gary Flatt-Road Supervisor
Telephone:  973-208-6143
Fax:             973-697-3603

John Schultz-Assistant Road Supervisor
Telephone:  973-208-6116
Fax:             973-697-3603

Larry Poggi-Assistant Road Supervisor
Telephone:  973-208-3625
Fax:             973-697-3603

Margo Lopes-DPW Secretary
Telephone:  973-208-6141
Fax:             973-697-3603

Any road related issues and/or concerns e.g., pot holes, catch basins, berms, drainage  including storm related issues can be called in directly to Margo @ 973-208-6141, emailed at address above and/or a Service Request form can be filled out above or on the web  home page under the Service Request icon to your left.

In the event you need a Driveway and/or Road Opening Permit, please contact Patty @ 973-208-3639. For your convenience, you can fill out the forms below before submitting. 

Road Opening Permit Form


Driveway Permit Form        



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