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To all sports groups,
The season is barely underway and already the township is noticing that lights are turned on at the fields and no one is there.  I stop at Ridge Road almost every night and when I get there, many times there is no one else around.  We have had issues at Lakeside Park as well where the place is lit up like NYC and no one is there.  I am asking each and every group to please be more diligent about the use of lights.  I am able to go into the system and see exactly who is turning them on and off by your username.  If you are sharing your username, you should stop.  Here are the changes that will occur if we cannot do a better job managing the system

  1.  All users will be charged a fee for lights that are left on and not being used (this will not be fun if you are sharing your username, because you will be the one charged the fees).
  2. Groups will lose their privilege to use lights and will have to make their requests through the Recreation Department for each and every night of practice and games that they want to use.
  3. If misuse continues after these changes, all groups will be subject to a rental fee for lights for each night they are needed.  These fees will be charged per field, per night.

Remember growing up as a kid …. Mom and Dad would go around the house shutting lights off in every room because the kids left them on and then they’d curse the kids out for doing so.  “We’re not lighting up the whole neighborhood!” they would yell.
Well …. The kids in town do not call me Mother Rhinesmith for nothing !  LOL   Please turn the lights off when you are done so that I don’t have too :0)  None of us want me to take over your light schedules. 
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and understanding.
Grace C. Rhinesmith
Director of Recreation
Jefferson Township, New Jersey
(973) 663-8404 office
(973) 633-8409 fax

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