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Application for C.O.  
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In order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy for a new home, final inspections must be performed and the following documents must be furnished. In the case of an addition, final inspections must be performed and passed. Please see Pre-final Construction Checklist.



Inspections Required:


______Final Building

______Final Electrical

______Final Plumbing

______Final Fire

______Engineering—surface grading and driveway*

______Final well and/or septic inspection(s) (Call Health Department)*


*New Dwellings Only



Documentation Required for New Home:


______As-built foundation location survey signed and sealed by a licensed engineer, showing lot lines, block and lot, actual house and driveway location, etc.


______Signed certification from Board of Health (for well and/or septic approval)


______ Validated copy of the Certificate of Participation, a.k.a. Homeowner Warranty, required pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:25-5.5, for any home built by a builder.




In the case of a homeowner building his own home for his own occupancy and use, an affidavit stating he/she has subcontracted the work under his/her supervision for his personal occupancy. The affidavit is located on the inside cover, part A, of the CPA folder.           


______Morris County Soil Conservation approval, required for subdivisions.   Call 973-538-1557 for more information.


______ Utility Department approval if home has public water and/or sewer service. Call 973-208-6145 for more information.


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