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Wiring Diagram  
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Reference: 2005 N.E.C. Article 680

Please be advised that a homeowner performing his or her own electrical work for a pool or a hot tub must provide a wiring diagram to the Building Department with the application for the pool permit.

Licensed electrical contractors are not required to provide this diagram.

Aboveground Pool (Fig 1)
  1. Pool pump motor to be bonded to pool and all metal associated.
  2. Motor cord 3’ long #12 Ground
  3. 20 Amp twist lock for pool motor
  4. General GFI outlet 10’-20’ from pool
Inground Pool (Fig 2)
  1. Deck Box Tube 4” above pool
  2. Deck Box no to be in middle of decking
  3. All metal associated with pool to be bonded together—hand rails, diving board, ladders, motor, fencing within 5', etc.
  4. Pool light to be bonded & encapsulated.
  5. General purpose GFI outlet to be no closer than 10’ and no further away than 20’.
Hot Tub (Fig 3)
  1. General GFI outlet 10’-20’ from tub.
  2. 3’ of flexible sealtight may be used to convert to controller inside tub.
  3. Hot tub wired 220V must have
  4. Double pole GFI protections.
  5. Must have disconnect within sight of tub.

General Rules for all Types of Pools
  1. All outside wiring to all three types of pools must be in conduit system with a minimum size #12 green ground wire.
  2. Conduit depth to be 18”.
  3. Wiring method inside house can be Romex® for motor only.
  4. If any of the pools above have a light, conduit must be run from the pool light all the way back to panel.
  5. If a new subpanel is added it has to be piped to existing panel with insulated ground wire.
  6. In conduit, you cannot run the load side of the GFI with the line side wires.
  7. Bond all metal parts of pool with #8 solid wire.
  8. Bond from deck box to light can be #8 stranded wire.
  9. Ground wire for lights cannot be be spliced.
    10. Bonding grid required under all paved surfaces around pool, to include concrete walkways and pavers. This requirement is for all pools and hot tubs.

 (ROMEX is a registered trademark of Southwire Company)

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