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Commonly Asked Building Questions  
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  • ZONING questions must be directed to Zoning Officer Andy Diamond at 208-6112. Examples of zoning questions: zoning classifications for property, whether a lot is buildable, whether a construction project can be built without a variance, etc. Zoning Schedule of Regulations
  • COMPLAINTS about property can go to Code Enforcement Officer Andy Diamond at 973-208-6112.
  • INSPECTIONS are scheduled at 208-6110 or 208-6113. DO NOT schedule inspections with inspectors. Have your BLOCK and LOT ready when you call.

Inspections must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. The DCA allows the Building Department to schedule inspections within 72 hours of request.

  • PERMITS will be issued when all preliminary approvals have been met. These include zoning, engineering, and health department, if applicable. The State allows a 20 business day period for plan review of an application, once zoning and any other required preliminary approvals have been granted and an application is complete.
  • APPLICATIONS for Construction are available in the Building Department. They cannot be faxed.
  • General ROOF and SIDING permits may be issued on the same day as application is made. Fee is between $25-$30+.
  • Questions regarding septic systems and wells should be directed to the Health Department at 208-6120 or 208-6122.
  • For the resale of a home: no Certificate of Occupancy is required. The fire marshal performs smoke detector inspections on Saturdays. Call 208-9400 for appointment. The Building Department does not do anything (inspections, certificates, etc.) for resale of a home. Letters stating no Certificate of Occupancy is required are available for $10. Block, Lot and Address must be provided.
  • VARIANCES: If an applicant is denied by the Zoning Officer for proposed construction, he or she must apply for a variance with the Board of Adjustment. Contact Stephanie McCormack at 973-208-6119. If an applicant knows in advance that they need a variance, he or she must apply for a building permit first, in order to be reviewed and denied by the Zoning Officer. Once the variance is issued and the Building Department receives a copy of the Resolution from the Board of Adjustment, the application for the permit may proceed, once the applicant provides complete building plans.
  • FEES vary with each application, depending on the size and type of construction project and the scope of the proposed work. See Fee Overview for more details.
  • CONSTRUCTION CODE QUESTIONS: The UCC can be contacted for questions with the construction code.

For more information, see Division of Codes and Standards or Division of Codes and Standards:  Programs Book

  • Inspectors leave stickers on the site after inspections. Red is a failure notice, a white sticker is an approval notice. If you fail your inspection, reschedule your inspection with the Building Department office when you have made the necessary changes as required by the inspector.
  • Construction must begin within one year of the date the permit was issued. If work is abandoned for more than six months, the permit may be considered expired and application for renewal must be filed, with additional fees. Please see chart on General State Regulations for more information about permits, inspections, violations and penalties. 
  • CERTIFICATES of Occupancy (C.O.) or Approval (C.A.) are issued when all of the inspections are performed and passed. See Certificate of Occupancy Requirements and Pre-final Construction Checklist.
  • TEMPORARY Certificates of Occupancy are issued at the discretion of the Construction Official. All final inspections must be performed and inspectors must agree that the project is suitable for a TCO. The unfinished work must be listed on the TCO and the TCO will be issued with an expiration date. The applicant must complete the unfinished work and call for final inspections before the TCO expires. A TCO is generally issued with a time limit of no more than six months. IT IS ILLEGAL to use or occupy a structure without a valid C.O. or TCO.



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