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Jefferson Township
Jefferson Township, N.J. • 1033 Weldon Rd, Lake Hopatcong NJ.
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Recycling & Garbage Collection  
Recycling Pick up by Area  
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District 1 (Milton): Recycling Mondays - Garbage Tuesday & Friday

Schoolhouse Rd (School to Ridge Rd)                         Colonial Oaks (Lower Schoolhouse Rd

Ridge Rd (Russia Rd to Berk. Valley Rd)                     Berk. Valley Rd (W. Milford to Milton Rd)

Elro Park Area                                                                 White Rock Area

Chamberlain Rd & Side Streets                                   Hardbargain,  Overhill , Pembroke

Heather Hills                                                                   Pecan Lane & Side Streets

Notch Rd and October Hill Rd                                      Berkshire Ridge Condos

West Elro                                                                       Side Streets off Ridge Road

Maryanne, 2nd Lt. Wrobo, area roads                         Route 23-Bigelow, Vassar, Deerhaven

Cozy Lake Road                                                           Cozy Lake area

Moosepac Lake area                                                  Waters Edge


District 2 (Milton): Recycling Thursdays - Garbage Tuesday & Friday

Milton Rd                                                                         Lake Swannanoa

Moonlight, Starlight, Sunset, Sheehan, Ross              Dover-Milton Rd

Schoolhouse (School to Dover Milton Rd)                  Ridge Rd (Sparta to Sisco Ln)

Pond Hollow                                                                   Sparta Mountain Rd & Side Streets

Weldon Rd (Snowbowl to Dover Milton/Russia Rd)   Russia Rd

Preston Lakes                                                                Holland Mt Rd & Side Streets

Lake Stockholm                                                             Fairways (golf course condos)

Stoney Brook & Linda Ln                                              Paderewski Rd Area

Berk. Valley Rd (From Milton Rd to Solar Rd)            Longwood Lake Area

Dunn, Gem, Woodland, Opal, Pheasant, Ruby           Knoll, Ford, Apple, Acorn, Woodstock

Pioneer Trail                                                                   Solar Rd & Side Streets


District 3 (Lakeside): Recycling Tuesdays - Garbage Monday & Thursday

Route 15 from Weldon Rd to Mase Mt Southbound, and to the Shopping Center Northbound

Espanong Rd                                                               Oak View Park

Lake Forest Area                                                         Lake Shawnee Area

Edison Rd                                                                     The Peaks

Martinview and Holiday Hills                                       Route 15S-Mase Mt. to Berk. Valley Rd

Minnisink Rd                                                                 Howard Blvd

Nolans Point Area                                                       Castle Rock Area

Homestead Park                                                         Weldon Rd (Route 15 to Bus                

Cove, Stonehenge,                                                       Cedar Terrace
   Felter, W. Dewey

Berk. Valley Rd (Solar to Route 15)                           Lower Berkshire Valley Rd

Sun Valley Park, Corett, Hillview, Larry                      Lavern Ct

Taylor Rd                                                                       Knipper, Ludlow, William


District 4 (Lakeside): Recycling Fridays - Garbage Monday & Thursday

Brady Park west of Bridge                                          Brady Road

Prospect Point Area                                                    Route 181 & Side Streets

Chincopee Rd                                                              East Shores

Prospect Point Road & Woodport Area                   Lake Winona Area

Dawns Mist                                                                  Raccoon Isle- Ferry Crossing Requires P/U Truck


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