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Senior Citizens Services & Dial-A-Ride  
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Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed

The Jefferson Township Recreation, Senior Citizens, and Veterans Services Department is looking for volunteers to deliver noon-time hot meals to homebound senior citizens in the Milton/Oak Ridge area.  Training will be provided and services will require a minimum time and commitment of two hours a month.  A criminal background check may be required, and all volunteers must have a valid driver’s license and their own vehicle.

      For more information, please contact Jefferson Township Senior Citizens Center Director Cheryl Johnstone at 973-208-1001 or Director of Recreation Grace C. Rhinesmith at 973-663-8404.


As of Wednesday, August 18, 2010, the waiting list at Jefferson Chase has re-opened.  If anyone is interested in receiving an application or information on the facility (located at 5782 Berkshire Valley Road in Oak Ridge, NJ) please contact the Jefferson Chase office at 973-208-6699.
     "Under the direction of the Department of H.U.D., Jefferson Chase Senior Apartments in Oak Ridge is now accepting applications for their waiting list.  This is a 62 and older, low income housing.  All questions regarding the requirements canbe directed to 973-208-6699."

Other senior citizen housing opportunities:

As of Thursday, January 3, 2013, there are vacancies  in the  Centennial Court Senior Apartment Community located at 100 North Main Street in Wharton, NJ.  Contact Debra at 973-879-5312 for further information.

Free and/or nominal cost health services are offered at the Jefferson Township Public Health Center on Minnisink Road.  A wide range of public health services designed to promote and protect the health of Jefferson Township senior citizens are available including Blood Pressure Clinics, Male and Female Cancer Screenings, Mammograms, Foot Care Clinics, Glaucoma and Vision Clinics, Blood Tests (SMAC 23, HDL, and CBC), Urinalysis, Flu Vaccine, Skin Cancer Screenings, and Adult Tetanus. 
Contact the Health Center on Minnisink Road at 973-663-0700 or the Health Department in the Municipal Building at 973-208-6120 for additional information and schedules

Home delivery of a hot meal is available for homebound seniors.
Contact Meals on Wheels at 973-285-6885 for additional information. 

     Morris County Nutrition Project provides coffee and… at 9 AM followed by a program at 11 AM and a nutritious lunch at 12 noon at the Jefferson Township Senior Center located at 54 Schoolhouse Road every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (973-208-1001).  Menu items include juice or soup, meat or alternate, bread, fruit or vegetable, milk, and margarine.  Seniors 60 and older are welcome, and there is a nominal donation of $1.50 per lunch.  On Wednesdays, a cold box lunch is available at a nominal cost of $1.
Contact the Morris County Nutrition Site at 973-208-0788 for additional information, menus, and schedules. 

The Center is located at 54 Schoolhouse Road in the Milton/Oak Ridge section of Jefferson Township and is open to all Jefferson Township Senior Citizens 55 and older.  Activities include bingo, cards and games, arts and crafts, exercise class, special events and luncheons, friendship, etc. 
Contact Cheryl Johnstone at the Senior Center at 973-208-1001 for additional information and schedules

Volunteers place daily telephone calls to housebound individuals to check on their status.
Contact the RSVP at 973-208-1001 for additional information.  


Township of Jefferson
Title VI Non Discrimination Policy

1033 Weldon Road
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
Non-Discrimination Policy
The Township of Jefferson operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.  Any person who believes that she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint in writing to either agency:
Township of Jefferson                                               FTA Title VI Program Coordinator
Administrative Office                                                 East Building, 5th Floor – TCRC
1033 Weldon Road                                                   US Department of Transportation
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849                                      Office of Civil Rights
                                                                                  1200 New Jersey Avenue – SE
                                                                                  Washington, DC 20590
Transportation services provided by this agency are in whole or part funded through federal funds received through NJ Transit.
Notices are posted in the main lobby of the Jefferson Township Senior Center, 54 Schoolhouse Road, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438; on the Jefferson Township Website at and in all vehicles operated by the Jefferson Township Dial A Ride     program.                    
If information is needed in another language, contact (973) 697-1500.
Si necesita informacion en otro idioma, contacta con (973) 697-1500.
Complaint Procedure
Any person who believes she or he has been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, or national origin by the Township of Jefferson (hereinafter referred to as “the Authority”) may file a Title VI complaint by completing and submitting the agency’s Title VI Complaint Form.  Complaint forms can be found in the main lobby of the Senior Center, on the Jefferson Township website:, and in all vehicles operated by the Jefferson Township Dial A Ride program.  The Township of Jefferson investigates complaints received no more than 180 days after the alleged incident.  The Authority will process complaints that are complete.
Once the complaint is received, the Authority will review it to determine if our office has jurisdiction.  The complainant will receive an acknowledgement letter informing her/him whether the complaint will be investigated by our office.
The Authority has 10 days to investigate the complaint.  If more information is needed to resolve the case, the Authority may contact the complainant.  The complainant has 10 business days from the date of the letter to send requested information to the investigator assigned to the case.  If the investigator is not contacted by the complainant or does not receive the additional information within 10 business days, the Authority can administratively close the case.  A case can be administratively closed also if the complainant no longer wishes to pursue their case.
After the investigator reviews the complaint, she/he will issue one of two letters to the complainant: a closure letter or a letter of finding (LOF).  A closure letter summarizes the allegations and states that there was not a Title VI violation and that the case will be closed.  An LOF summarizes the allegations and the interviews regarding the alleged incident, and explains whether any disciplinary action, additional training of the staff member or other action will occur.  If the complainant wishes to appeal the decision, she/he has 10 days after the date of the letter or the LOF to do so.
A person may also file a complaint directly with the Federal Transit Administration, at FTA Office of Civil Rights, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Washington DC 20590.
Procedimiento para la presentación de una querella
Toda persona que crea que haber sido discriminada por causa de su raza, color o nacionalidad n por el Municipio de Jefferson (mencionado como “la Autoridad” de ahora en adelante) puede presentar una querella del Título VI rellenando y presentando el formulario para querellas del Título VI. Los formularios pueden encontrarse en la recepción del centro para ancianos, en la página de “internet” del Municipio de Jefferson y en todos los vehículos del programa “Dial A Ride” operados por el Municipio de Jefferson.  El municipio de Jefferson  investiga las querellas que han sido presentadas en un plazo de no más de 180 días a partir del supuesto incidente.  La Autoridad procesara solo las querellas que estén completas.
Una vez que se recibe la querella, la Autoridad la revisara para determinar si hay Jurisdicción.  El denunciante recibirá una carta avisándole si la querella será investigada por nuestra oficina.
La Autoridad tiene 10 días para investigar la querella.  Si se requiere mas información para resolver el caso, la Autoridad se comunicara con el denunciante.  El denunciante tiene 10 días hábiles a partir de la fecha de la carta para enviar la información requerida por el investigador que ha sido asignado al caso.  El no comunicarse con el investigador o falta de proporcionar la información  requerida en 10 días hábiles, puede causar el cierre de su caso por razones administrativas.  El caso también puede  cerrarse si el denunciante no desea proceder con su caso.
Después  que el investigador revisa la querella, él/ella emitirá una de dos cartas al denunciante: una carta de Cierre o una carta de fallo (LOF).  Una carta de cierre resume las acusaciones y establece que no hubo infracción  al título VI y el caso será cerrado.  Una LOF resume las acusaciones y las entrevistas relacionadas con el supuesto incidente,  y explica si se tomara alguna acción  de disciplina, capacitación adicional para empleado, o cualquier otra acción que ocurra.  Si el denunciante desea apelar la decisión, él/ella tiene 10 días después de la fecha de la carta o del LOF para hacerlo.
Una persona también puede presentar una querella directamente con la Administración Federal de Transito,  en las oficinas de  Derechos Civiles en 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE Washington, DC 20590.
Complaint Form
Note:  The following information is needed to assist in processing your complaint.

  1. Complainant’s information:
    Name __________________________________________________________________
    Address:  ________________________________________________________________
    City/State/Zip Code:  ______________________________________________________
    Telephone Number (Home):  ________________________________________________
    Telephone Number (Work):  ________________________________________________
    Email Address:  ___________________________________________________________
    Accessible Format Requirements?  (select one or more)
  2. Large Print
  3. TDD
  4. Audio Tape
  5. Other_____________________________
  6. Person discriminated against (if someone other than complainant):

Name __________________________________________________________________
Address:  ________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code:  ______________________________________________________
Telephone Number (Home):  ________________________________________________
Telephone Number (Work):  ________________________________________________
Email Address:  ___________________________________________________________
               Relationship to the person for whom you are complaining:  _______________________
               Please explain why you have filed for a third party:  ______________________________
Please confirm that you have obtained the permission of the aggrieved party if you are filing on behalf of a third party.

  • Yes
  • No
  1. Which of the following best describes the reason you believe the discrimination took place?
    _____Race                                        _____Color                                       _____National Origin


  1. On what date(s) did the alleged discrimination take place?
    Date:  _______________
    Date:  _______________
    Date:  _______________
    Date:  _______________
    Date:  _______________
  2. Please describe the alleged discrimination.Explain what happened and whom you believe was responsible.Describe all persons who were involved.Include the name and contact information of the person(s) who discriminated against you (if known) as well as names and contact information of any witnesses.If additional space is needed, add a sheet of paper.
  3. Have you filed this complaint with any other Federal, State, or local agency, or with any Federal or State court?List all that apply:
    Federal Agency  _______________                           Federal Court  ________________
    State Agency  _________________                          State Court  __________________
    Local Agency  _________________
    If you have checked above, please provide information about a contact person at the agency/court where the complaint was filed.
    Name:  ________________________________________________________________________
    Title:  _________________________________________________________________________
    Address:  ______________________________________________________________________
    City/State/Zip Code:  _____________________________________________________________
    Telephone Number (Home):  _______________________________________________________
    Telephone Number (Work):  _______________________________________________________
    Email Address:  _______________________________________________________________
  4. Please sign below.You may attach any written materials or other information that you think is relevant to your complaint. 


  • Yes
  • No
  • Submit form and any additional information to:
    Township of Jefferson
    Administrative Offices
    1033 Weldon Road
    Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
    Phone – (973)697-1500

Formulario para una querella
Nota: La siguiente información es necesaria para ayudarlo a procesar una querella
A.- Información del Denunciante:
Nombre: __________________________________________________
Cuidad/Estado/Código Postal:__________________________________
Número de teléfono (casa): ____________________________________
Número de teléfono (trabajo):__________________________________
Correo electrónico:___________________________________________
Formato de preferencia: (seleccione uno o más)

  • Letra de imprenta grande
  • TDD (capacidad auditiva)
  • Audio cinta

Otro ______________________________________________________
B.- Persona que fue discriminada (alguien diferente al denunciante)
Cuidad/Estado/Código postal: __________________________________
Número de teléfono (casa): ____________________________________
Número de teléfono (trabajo):___________________________________
Correo electrónico: ___________________________________________
Parentesco con el/la denunciante: ________________________________
Por favor explique por qué se está presentado esta querella para una tercera persona?
Por favor confirme si usted está autorizado por la parte agraviada en caso de estar presentando la querella para una tercera persona.

  • < >< >< >< > 
    Month, Day, Year
    (includes bases of complaint: race, color, or national origin)
    Action(s) Taken



    Public Participation Plan
    The Township of Jefferson complies with Federal Transit Law 49 United States Code (USC) Chapter 53, Section 5307 (d)(1)(l) by developing a locally written process for soliciting and considering public comment before raising a fare or carrying out a major service reduction.  In addition, the following public outreach and participation plan meets the requirements of U.S. DOT Order 5610.2(a), Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations, FTA C 4703.1 Environmental Justice.
    The Township of Jefferson employs several means to communicate to the general public regarding the activities it performs including LEP (limited-English proficient) and minority populations affected.  These include but are not limited to:
    Public Information and Notifications
    The Township of Jefferson publishes notices, brochures and tables regarding the Township of Jefferson’s proposals and programs, including how the public can obtain information and make comments, where meetings are to take place, and other applicable information.  The notices for public input are posted 30 days in advance so the public has time to consider proposals and make comments.  The notice methods include one or more of the following:
    • Press releases to local and state media
    • Customer newsletters (print and email)
    • Email blasts and alerts via text or email
    • Website links and articles
    • On bus announcements
    • Rack cards/”take ones” placed throughout the Township of Jefferson municipal offices/lobby
    Meeting Locations
    The Township of Jefferson meets with the public in locations that have convenient access to transit and are centrally located so that anyone in its service area can attend meetings and receive information about any Township of Jefferson activities that will impact them, especially LEP and minority populations.  Meetings are held as needed and can be done at several times of the day for easier access.  All public meeting locations will be accessible to those with disabilities.  If notified five (5) days prior to the meeting, language or hearing interpreters will be made available.
    Public Meeting Forums
    If at any time, an individual would like to leave oral comments regarding the Jefferson Township Dial A Ride program, the individual may do so by calling the Dial A Ride office at
    On critical issues such as major service changes, the Township of Jefferson will conduct a public meeting that utilizes one-on-one interviews with customers.  The Township of Jefferson staff will prepare proposals in sufficient detail and make available prior to the meeting for interested individuals.  Since each customer can be affected differently than another customer, obtaining comments this way allows for an individualized response to an individual need.  The Township of Jefferson staff will conduct personal interviews and transcribe oral comments if written comments are not possible.  Meetings will have sign-up sheets available and if no one is in attendance, staff will wait for 10 minutes and then announce the reason for the meeting, a statement that no one is in attendance and close the meeting.  Customers are also able to leave audio messages on an advertised phone number prior to the advertised deadline for public feedback and the comments are transcribed for the Township of Jefferson’s analysis along with all public feedback received.  The public comments are presented at a Town Council meeting so that they are part of the decision making process.
    The Township of Jefferson’s website provides a detailed policy including current rules, regulations, and a registration form to apply for use of services.  Any changes to the policy will be updated and reposted.  Any person wishing to obtain this written policy in another language may contact the Township of Jefferson at 973-697-1500.  Please note that the Township of Jefferson currently does not have online registration.  The forms must be downloaded filled out and sent in.  Send completed forms or requests for a blank registration to:
    The Township of Jefferson
    C/O Dial A Ride Services
    1033 Weldon Road
    Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
    Language Assistance Plan
    The Township of Jefferson Language Assistance Plan (LAP) to address Service to Individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
    The Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride program is responsible for the management of the Township’s local vehicle/bus medical transportation service. The Township is a Recipient of funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for the purpose of providing medical transportation for residents residing in the Township of Jefferson.  A Sub-Recipient within the County who receives its FTA funds for public transportation through the County.  This Language Assistance Plan (LAP) applies to the Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride service area and to the residents of the public services of the sub-recipients. 
    This document has been prepared to conform to the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) requirements identified in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s implementing regulations, and Executive Order 13166, “Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency.”  This document is also consistent with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the U.S. Department of Justice’s guidelines on self-assessment, which are contained in the Language Access Assessment and Planning Tool for Federally Conducted and Federally Assisted Programs (May 2011).
    The Township of Jefferson uses information obtained in a Four Factor Analysis to determine if the specific language services provided are appropriate.  This analysis helps the Township of Jefferson communicate effectively with persons with LEP or low-literacy. The Four Factor Analysis considers the following components:
    1. The number or portion of LEP persons eligible to be served or likely to be encountered by the Township of Jefferson.
    2. The frequency with which LEP persons come into contact with the Township of Jefferson.
    3. The nature and importance of the Township of Jefferson programs and services to people’s lives. We conduct client surveys once a year to get feedback on programs and services that we provide. We take these surveys in to determine if we are meeting the needs of our residents. Also Ocean County Transportation Service - Ocean Ride holds a hearing once a year to get feedback of services, which we are included in.
    4. The resources available to the recipient for LEP outreach, as well as the costs associated with that outreach.
    The following sections describe the application and results of the four factor analysis for the Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride program.

    1.  Description of the Limited English Proficient Population(s) Served

    The Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride system serves communities within the Township of Jefferson.  The Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride operates in the Township of Jefferson and transports to medical facilities within a 30 mile radius of the Township’s boarders. Transportation is also provided to Jefferson residents that need to connect to the Morris Area Paratransit System.  For the purpose of this document, the study area includes all of the Township of Jefferson’s service area. 
    American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates from 2013 reveal that at the county level, while there are numerous languages spoken at home, there are four (4) languages spoken where more than 1,000 people speak English less than very well.  Those four (4) languages are included in the following table.
    Table 1:  Languages at the County Level
    Source:  American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates, 2013.  It is noted that this data categorizes Limited English Proficiency as persons who speak English “less than very well”, which includes residents who speak English “well”, while LEP is generally considered persons who speak English “not well” or “not at all”.  This definition artificially inflates all of the LEP person’s total, including raising the number of Chinese and Russian LEP persons above the 1,000 person threshold. 
    *Other Asian Languages is not a specific language, but instead a group of languages with no detail regarding the number of LEP persons for each language included, so it  does not require any specific consideration in relation to the Safe Harbor Provision.
    Language Spoken Number that speak English less than very well (estimated) Percentage that speak English less than very well
    Spanish or Spanish Creole 47,377 10.1%
    Asian & Pacific Island 22,248 4.7%
    Other Indo-European Languages 38,943 8.3%
    Other Languages 3,522 0.8%

    Geographic Distribution of Total Population with Limited English Proficiency

    As of July 1, 2014, the Township of Jefferson had a total population of 21,483 residents, which 10.8%  are over 65 years of age. Morris County has a population of 499,727 which 76.1 percent speak only English, while the remaining 23.9 percent speak other languages, either in addition to or instead of English.  The Township of Jefferson has 12.8 percent of the total population represent the LEP population; that is, English is not their primary language and they speak English “not well” or “not at all.” This compares to the State LEP population of 30 percent.

    Distribution of Population with Limited English Proficiency by Language or Language Group

    Much like the State overall, the largest share of the LEP population in the Township of Jefferson speaks English as their primary language.  Statewide, 30 percent of the LEP population ages five (5) and older are Spanish-speaking.  In the Township of Jefferson, 9.3 percent of the LEP population ages five (5) and older speak Spanish as their primary language.  This group represents 12.1 percent of the county’s total population ages five (5) and older. 


    With the exception of census tracts located in the Township of Jefferson, all of the high-LEP census tracts contain a higher percentage of Spanish-speaking LEP persons than the county average.  The greatest concentrations of Spanish-speaking LEP persons in the county (over 10 percent of the total population ages five (5) and older), are concentrated in Morristown. The census tracts in the central part of Morristown contain the highest concentration of Spanish-speaking LEP persons in the Township of Jefferson.  Between 25 and 30 percent of the total population ages five (5) and older in those tracts are LEP and Spanish-speaking.  

    Other Languages

    LEP persons who speak Indo-European languages other than English or Spanish are heavily concentrated in the Morristown area.  In the census tracts that make up these communities, LEP persons who speak “other Indo-European” languages range from 7.9 percent of the LEP population. 
    Within the cluster of census tracts with high LEP populations, of which more than half speak other Indo-European languages, there is spatial separation related to which languages are spoken.  In the Township of Jefferson, the most frequently spoken Indo-European language is Yiddish, due to the large populations of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews in those communities.  Russian, German, Polish and Urdu are other commonly spoken languages in those communities.
    LEP persons who speak Asian and Pacific Island languages makeup of the LEP population in CDP (1.1 percent).  In addition, there are significant numbers of LEP persons who speak Asian and Pacific Island languages who do not live in high-LEP census tracts.  More than 2365 LEP persons who speak these languages are located in other census tracts.  The primary concentrations of LEP persons who speak languages other than Spanish, Yiddish, French Creole, Russian, or Asian and Pacific Island languages are located in the Morristown area. Many of the residents in these areas speak Hebrew at home. 


    Limited English Proficient Population Concentrations and Transit Service

    The concentrations of population with Limited English Proficiency are predominantly located in one cluster among several of the county’s urbanized villages; these areas are heavily served by the Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride program.  At the heart of the largest cluster of high-LEP census tracts, the Township of Jefferson provides access to the Morris Area Paratransit system. 



    2.  Frequency of Use by the Limited English Proficient Populations

    Individuals with limited English proficiency inquire about use and are affected by service that the Township of Jefferson provides on a daily basis.  Operational services include dial a ride service and ADA paratransit service.  Individuals with limited English proficiency also come into contact with the Township of Jefferson dial a ride service by calling the main office, calling the dispatch office and using the website.  A significant part of the development of the Township of Jefferson’s Language Assistance Plan is the assessment of major points of contact, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
    • Riding fixed route
    • Communication with drivers and office staff
    • Printed outreach materials
    • < >Public meetings and events
    • Local news advertising (print)

    3. Importance of the Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride program to People’s Lives

    Access to the services provided by the Township of Jefferson is critical to the lives of many who depend on the Township of Jefferson Dial A Ride program for access to essential services. The majority of LEP riders responding to the question indicated that they were riding for the purpose of medical appointments and a small percentage were riding for food shopping. 
    The Township of Jefferson understands that if Limited English Proficiency or low-literacy is a barrier to using the Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride services, then the consequences for the individual could limit a person’s access to obtain necessary medical care.  Vital information that can affect a person’s access to the Township of Jefferson’s Dial a Ride services includes the following:

    Types of Vital Information

    • < >scheduling informationService Announcements
    • Complaint and comment forms

    4.  Providing Language Assistance for Relevant Programs, Activities and Services

    The Township of Jefferson can utilize the services of Morris County Office of Senior Services who is fluent in Spanish.
    The County OOSS maintains a list of names and telephone numbers who can assist with several different languages. The list is organized by language spoken so that OCOSS and the Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride  employees may quickly reference speakers of a certain language when necessary, and can direct telephone calls and other forms of customer correspondence to county employees who can communicate with and assist residents.
    Informational presentations involving access to medical transportation for the LEP populations will be conducted to inform agencies on services available to their target populations, which include the LEP populations.  The Township of Jefferson will conduct public and individual interaction with agencies and the ridership directly to determine LEP needs.  The Township of Jefferson will ensure outreach communications are in languages that meet LEP thresholds and that interpreters are available for presentations.  The Township of Jefferson will advertise in newspapers that are widely read by the LEP organizations that we are trying to reach and work with nonprofits of a given LEP group.

    Training Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride Staff

    The Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride staff at all levels will be provided with annual training on the Title VI policy and are aware of the need to reach out and provide information to LEP persons who rely on the transit services the Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride manages. In order to ensure that new staff members receive Title VI policy training and understand this need, supplemental training will be provided as part of the Township of Jefferson employee orientation and annual training programs. 
    Particular attention will be given to the training of the staff people who receive requests.  Additionally, staff who receive and respond to passenger requests for service changes, complaints, and other needs, shall be trained to openly receive the information from LEP and low-literacy riders, and distribute the information to the appropriate section of the Township of Jefferson or to the operator of the Dial a Ride service.  All of the individuals in these groups will be made aware of the regularly updated Morris County Office of Social Services Interpreters List and services.  The Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride staff and the operator of the Dial a Ride program should be trained so that they may recognize the specific needs of each LEP community, and how to assist transit-dependent LEP or low-literacy persons in using the service and having their requests or complaints addressed.                

    Providing Notice to Limited English Proficient Persons

    As a matter of policy, all vital documents related to The Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride services are printed in English and Spanish.  Service changes brochures and flyers, which advertise service adjustments and emergency information, are also printed in both English and Spanish.  On-board signage, advertising of the Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride services are also printed in English and Spanish.  All planning activities and notices that are advertised to the press are shared with news sources that serve a variety of the Township of Jefferson’s service area LEP communities.
      The Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride planning program adheres to the Public Involvement Plan (PIP) as adopted by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), on September 22, 2014.  MPO’s PIP made the following commitment:
    To better achieve its outreach efforts, MPO has developed five desired goals for its public involvement activities:
    1. Educate the public about the transportation planning process and how they can get involved;
    2. Engage the public and all stakeholders through timely notice of meetings and events and increased opportunities to provide input;
    3. Enhance outreach tools and techniques to engage the many diverse regional constituencies;
    4. Ensure that public participation methods, mechanisms and opportunities are clearly defined and accessible; and
    5. Effectively involve the community, including those who have been traditionally underserved and underrepresented in the planning process.
    MPO’s public involvement efforts strive to bring varied stakeholders into the process – in dynamic and significant ways – and enhance the level of collaboration and meaningful input.
    While the Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride program has the greatest capabilities to assist LEP persons who speak Spanish, there may be instances when activities will necessitate the provision of information and notices in languages other than English or Spanish.  For example, if activities conducted affect a community in which there is a large population of LEP individuals who speak other Indo-European languages or Asian languages, the Township of Jefferson may rely on other county resources for translation services.

    Outcomes - Monitoring, Evaluating and Updating the Plan

     The Township of Jefferson conducts periodic ridership, origin-destination and marketing surveys.  The Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride program will continually work to acquire updated LEP and spoken language data so that accurate profiles of transit riders could be established and measures could be taken to reach out to the LEP population to plan accordingly.
    To ensure this LAP will continue to be implemented successfully, the Township of Jefferson will develop a committee to evaluate all information received from surveys, focus group meetings, outreach efforts, staff contact and trainings.  The committee will review the plan annually for updates as needed, while also developing new concepts for implementation in the next plan.  The committee will monitor the following statistics, at minimum:
    • Statistics kept on LEP contacts
    • Annual review of local Census data
    • Ongoing collaboration with community partners
    • Effectiveness and usage of written translated documents
    • Assessment of the Civil Rights Act Title VI Program

    Resources and Costs for LEP Outreach

    The Township of Jefferson Dial a Ride program has committed resources to improving access to its services and programs for LEP persons.  Today, bilingual information (English/Spanish) is distributed in an extensive number of mediums.  To date, the costs associated with these efforts fit within the Township of Jefferson’s marketing and outreach budget.  Costs are predominantly associated with material production.
    Following the Four Factor Analysis, the Township of Jefferson concluded that there are currently extensive outreach materials for the languages spoken by persons with Limited English Proficiency in the service area.  Based on all aspects of the Four Factor Analysis, the availability of interpreters is sufficient to meet the needs of the LEP population. The current translation of vital documents into Spanish and the availability of interpreters are sufficient to meet the needs of the Spanish-speaking LEP population. The Township of Jefferson will continue to apply its monitoring process to ensure accessibility of services and information to the LEP population. 
    Board Minority Representation Analysis





    Other Ethnicity

    Population of the Service Area





    Advisory Board





    The Senior Advisory Council consists of 7 members, the Mayor of the Township of Jefferson appoints all seven members. To be on The Board, residents would submit letter of interest to Mayor, no other ethnicity race has submitted letter of interest. The Township of Jefferson community’s racial diversity is primary Caucasian.


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