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Driveway Permit Form  
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Name of Applicant:_____________________________Name of Owner:__________________________
Telephone No.:_________________________________Telephone No.:__________________________
Block:__________________________Lot:___________Street Address:__________________________
The application is for ______________New Driveway or _________Alterations to an existing driveway.
        Yes No N/A
1) Is proposed driveway grade less than 15%?      
2) Does proposed driveway grade exceed 10% for 50' or more?      
3) Is driveway profile provided? (Profile required if grade exceeds      
4) Is driveway grade 4% or less within 20' of edge of pavement?      
5) Is driveway grade 3% or less with 20' of garage or end of      
6) Proposed driveway construction _ Stone _ Paved (must be      
paved if slope exceeds 10% for 50')          
7) Are vertical transitions provided at all grade changes?      
8) Is driveway a minimum of 10' wide?        
9) Does turning radius on the inside curve exceed 25'?      
10) Are side slopes equal to or flatter than 2 horizontal: 1 vertical?      
11) If driveway more than 100' long, is clearance on either side of at      
least 4' wide and 13' high provided?          
12) Are driveway side slopes to be top soiled, seeded, fertilized,      
mulched in accordance with Morris County SCD requirements?      
13) Is method of disposal of storm water drainage from the      
driveway to municipal drainage system indicated?      
14) Is driveway more than 100' from centerline intersection of      
two streets?          
15) Is $50 application fee included with the application?      
16) Is scaled drawing of proposed driveway attached?

-------------------------------------------------------------               -------------------------------------------------------------------
Applicant Signature                                 Date   Owner Signature                                                  Date

Application Received By:___________Date:___________Reviewed By:___________  Date:_________


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