Building Department

Inspector Availability


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
9 am to Noon

Inspection Hours
After 12 pm
Wednesday and Friday after 1:30 pm 


Inspection Hours
Tuesday and Thursday Only
After 3 pm

Fire Sub-Code

Inspection Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
After 3 pm

*(If you are selling or renting your property and need a smoke detector inspection/certification please contact the Fire Marshal at 973-208-9400)

 For More information please check the Fire Prevention Bureau page


Inspection Hours
Tuesday and Thursday
After 10:00 am to 3 pm

Code Enforcement

Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday


  • Electrical and Plumbing: Electrical and Plumbing work may be done by the homeowner if they live in the house. If they rent the property, or if the property is commercial, they must hire licensed contractors. If they hire electricians or plumbers, the licensed electrical/plumbing contractor must sign and seal the electrical or plumbing subcode applications and provide their license numbers. Construction work, etc. can be performed by homeowners.
  • Mechanical Permits: Mechanical permits are for residential uses only. The following reasons you would need a permit is as follows:
    • Air conditioning systems (with electric subcode)
    • Boiler 
    • Furnace
    • Gas tanks
    • Oil tank installation/removal
    • Gas Water heater 


The Identification, Technical Site Data, and Cost of Work must be filled out on all applications. Applicant must provide Block and Lot (available in tax office, or on a tax or utility bill). Applications must be appropriately signed, as well as the inside cover of the CPA folder.


Plans drawn by an architect or engineer must be sealed and signed by the professional. Two sealed copies are required and one will be returned upon issuance of permit. Homeowners may draw plans for their own house. Sealed professional plans are required for commercial projects.