Pre-Final Construction Checklist

The following is a list of items that should be completed before final inspections in order to request a Certificate of Occupancy.


  1. All electrical equipment and devices installed and functional
  2. All garages must have access hole with sheetrock covering.
  3. All heat ducts screwed and taped at joists.
  4. All heat runs must be free of debris
  5. All medicine cabinets must have shelves and brackets.
  6. All piping through walls sealed.
  7. All plumbing fixtures must be installed and working and clean of debris.
  8. All sliding doors adjusted (flush with wall).
  9. Are the smoke detectors working?
  10. At least one support under every section of pipe, maximum 10 to 0 feet.
  11. Basement must be clean.
  12. Basement perimeter insulation in
  13. Bedroom type lock on garage door
  14. Burglar alarm, telephone, intercom and CCTV opening must be blanked off or have devices installed
  15. Caulking on vanity tops, bathtubs and all trim work
  16. Check all doors for proper opening/closing.
  17. Check all kitchen cabinets, shelves, handles, proper screw installation.
  18. Check all windows for proper opening/closing, locks and broken glass.
  19. Check basement windows.
  20. Check for all door bumpers.
  21. Check for basement handrail.
  22. Check for closet poles, shelves and brackets.
  23. Check pitch on stairs.
  24. Check sheetrock around the house. There should be no holes.
  25. Check stove for proper operation; water heater must be lit. Separate gas cock for all appliances.
  26. Check valve must be visible.
  27. Clean-out on sewer line, above-grade, visible and capped.
  28. Fire blocking in basement.
  29. If stove is not vented, make sure charcoal filter is installed.
  30. Lally columns must be painted and have lag bolts.
  31. Make sure all bathroom fans work.
  32. No cement closer than 1/2 around basement girder.
  33. One bulb per fixture
  34. Panning around heat pipe, if hole is oversized.
  35. Radon caulking
  36. Radon pipe must be marked, capped in basement and roof, or connected.
  37. Sump pump with cover installed; hole in pump line 3" below floor level. Sump pump to run to splash block.
  38. Trench drain must be clean.


  1. Aluminum siding checked for dents.
  2. All doors and windows caulked.
  3. All facia and soffit must be in good condition.
  4. Check all roof shingles for holes and all exposed nails must be tarred.
  5. Check all outside flashing for proper installation and tightness.
  6. Chimney caulked on all sides.
  7. Check all leaders and gutters.
  8. Make sure splash blocks are down.
  9. "J" channels at roof line must have notches cut to allow drainage (or holes 12" on center for drainage).
  10. Outside edges of garage doors painted.
  11. Window wells to be fastened to house.
  12. Check for penetration of exterior walls (caulked).