Building Permit Fee Overview

The following list of permit fees includes math symbols. For this list + represents addition, x represents multiplication, - represents subtraction and = represents equals.

  • Addition: Fees are computed based on the cubic volume of the addition. Cubic volume x.043,per cubic foot provided the minimum fee is $70.  DCA surcharge of cubic volume. View electric, plumbing and fire fees for more information.
  • DCA Surcharge fees are computed as follows: New home/addition: cubic volume x.00371 Alteration/Miscellaneous:$1.90 x per $1000 cost of work (or x.0019)
  •  Renovations/alterations/repairs including decks: $32.00 per $1000. Minimum fee shall be $70. Proposed work cost should include cost of labor and materials, as if a contractor were hired to perform the work.
  • Electric Service: $65 + for up to 200 amp service
  • Electrical fees: $60 for the first 50 receptacles/outlets, fixtures, switches, detectors, etc. $25 for each additional 25. (example: 1- to 50 = $65; 51 to 75 = $90; 76 to 100 = $115; 101 to 125 = $140, etc.) $65 for service up to 200 amp. $50 minimum fee for appliances (example: Washing machine, stove, etc.)
  • Finished Basement: Based on cost of construction. $32 per $1,000 of proposed work. Minimum fee is $70. Proposed work cost should include cost of labor and materials, as if a contractor were hired to perform the work. Plans should include a floor plan labeling the rooms, listing the materials used, showing the electric, showing the venting of the furnace room
  • Fire fees: $50 minimum fee. 
  • Fireplace/supplemental heating appliance (new home/addition) is an additional $65.
  • Garage: Fee is based on cubic volume x 0.043. Electric is a minimum of $60.
  • New Home: Cubic volume x 0.043, DCA surcharge, plumbing, fire and electric fees (see below). Driveway permit is $50. Grading permit is $200 for the first 7,000 square feet of disturbance and an additional $50 for each additional 7,000 square feet of disturbance
  • Plumbing fees: $60 for the first fixture, $30 for each additional fixture
  • Plumbing: $40 or more 
  • Pools: Above ground: : Above ground: $100, In-ground: $200. Electrical: $71 or more. “Pop up” pools are $25, hot tubs $75. These fees shall be in addition to any electric or plumbing sub code fees.
  • Permits are no longer required for replacing roof shingles or siding for single and two family detached homes. Permits are still required for townhouses and commercial properties. Fees to be determined as per ordinance.
  • Shed/accessory structure: Fee is based on cubic volume x 0.043. Minimum fee is $70. Permits required depending on size and use of shed/accessory structure..
  • Tanks :75 (above ground) or $100 (underground) flat fee for demo of a tank on a residential permit. $250 for commercial tanks. Fees for installation of a tank vary depending on how the permit is filed