Health Services

Environmental Health Services

  • Environmental Complaint Investigation
  • Inspection of Recreational Bathing Areas
  • Restaurant Inspections
  • Septic System Inspections and Plan Review
  • Well Water Sampling
  • Witnessing of Soil Logs and Permeability Testing
  • Youth Camp Inspections and Day Care Center Inspections

Health Education Services

  • Free health-related literature
  • Health Education programs for clubs, organizations, and the public

Personal Health Services

The Township Health Center periodically offers the following clinics for residents by appointment. (Click here to view the clinic schedule)

  • Blood Pressure: Held at the Health Center, by appointment or at the prospective Senior Club meetings listed, once a month.
  • Female Cancer Screening: Program includes Pap test with breast and pelvic examination performed by a physician or qualified nurse practitioner. Hemmocult slides for determining the presence of blood in stool.
  • Foot Care Clinic: Basic foot care for senior citizens (55 years and older) and for chronically ill residents.
  • Flu Clinic: For residents 18 years and older. Offered annually in the Fall.
  • Hearing Screening: Performed by local audiologist once a year in conjunction with SMAC.
  • Male Cancer Screening: A local Urologist performs physical examination of testicular, prostate, rectal and breast exam. PSA Blood test and hemocult slides for determining presence of blood in stool.
  • Mammograms: For residents 35 years old or older. Done in conjunction with the Female Cancer Screening.
  • Skin Cancer Screening: Overall body scan performed by a nurse practitioner or physician specializing in dermatology.
  • SMAC 23 Blood Test, HDL and CBC: Blood tested for indications of disease and/or malfunction of internal organs. Done Twice per year. Any Jefferson resident 18 years or older may have it done once a year.
  • Well Baby Clinic: Physical examinations including growth assessment for children from birth to school age. All immunizations recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics. The pediatrician does physicals and administers all vaccines. (located at off site location, refer to Rockaway’s Health Center)

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