Guidelines for Your Home's Electrical System

Who Owns What?

Ownership Guidelines for your home's electrical system

When your home's exterior electrical system is damaged, it's important to understand which components are our responsibility and which are yours.

If you receive overhead electric service, we are responsible for the following components:

  1. Service Drop - The wires running from the utility polie to your home.
  2. Electric Meter - Measures your electricity use in kilowatt-hours.
Ownership Guidelines for Your Home's Electrical System

You own and are responsible for repairing the following:

  1. Weather-head and Insulator - This is the point where our electric lines connect to your home.
  2. Service Entrance Cable - The wire that extends from your weather-head to the meter and from the meter to your fuse box or circuit breaker box.
  3. Meter Base - Your meter is mounted in this box.
  4. Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker Box - This is the main service panel that houses your fuses or circuit breakers.
  5. Household Wiring - The interior wiring that distributes electricity through your home.

As a Customer, it's also your responsibility to maintain open access to the meter and keep obstructions away from power lines that extend from the utility pole to your home. If trees on your property grow near power lines, don't prune or remove them yourself. Consult with a tree contractor who is qualified to work around electric equipment. 

We all play an important part in making electricity safe and reliable. This fact sheet contains general ownership guidelines. For more detailed information visit First Energy Corporation's website or call 1-800-662-3115.