Tax Assessment Department

Local property taxes in Jefferson Township are administered through the Assessor’s office and billed through the Collector’s office. All property assessments are calculated based on the current market value and administered according to the New Jersey general tax code.

Annual Reassessments

Ensure that everyone is paying their fair share of taxes (meaning not less and not more than they should) by annually revising every assessment up or down to 100% of current market value.

5-Year Internal Data Collection Program

Increase the frequency of property data collection/verification so taxpayers aren’t unfairly left paying less or more than they should be for a decade or more.

Remove Fractional Assessments

Improve the transparency of the tax process for taxpayers by doing away with the confusing fractional assessments of the old tax model.

Assessment Accuracy

Reduce the need for costly appeals that cost the appealing property owner and the municipality time and money by getting the assessment right the first time.

For more information

Property Taxes Top 10 Questions (PDF)

Property Alert Service

This service is provided by the Morris County Clerk’s Office.  The service is the first step in protecting your property.  Unfortunately, property and mortgage fraud is a fast growing crime in our country.  Scammers record fraudulent documents - like fake deeds - or record fake liens against property owners.  In some cases, fraud on real property is not discovered for years.  To address these concerns, and protect one of your most important assets, the Morris County Clerk’s Office offers this FREE service to notify you immediately via email whenever a document with your name is recorded in the Morris County Clerk’s Office.  Sign up today and protect your property from fraud.  It’s quick, easy, and free.  To register visit the Morris County Clerk’s website.  


The State of New Jersey has a number of property tax relief programs such as Homestead Rebate, New Jersey Saver and Property Tax Reimbursement. The filing and approval of all applications are handled at the State level. View more information on the Property Tax Relief Program.

For information regarding property deductions for Veterans and Senior Citizens, Farmland Assessment, Tax Appeals, Tax Billing and Tax Liens please view the following links: