Tax Collection Department

The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes, collection of assessment for local improvements, official searches for municipal liens, and collection of other municipal charges. The office is also responsible for the collection of municipal utility charges (water and/or sewer fees). For questions regarding the billing of municipal utilities, please contact the Utility Department at 973-208-6144.

Selling Your Property

As stated on the tax bill, when there is a change of ownership, the tax bill is to be forwarded to the new owner(s) or their paying agent. If you sell your property, please give your bill to your attorney or bring the bill to the closing. 

Notify the Tax Collector's Office for Changes

  • Please notify the Tax Collector's office if you change your mailing address by sending a letter or email, listing the block/lot number(s), indicating the new address and include a phone number in case there is a question.
  • If you pay off your mortgage and will now be paying your own taxes, you can use the stubs on the advice copy of the tax bill to pay your taxes.