Dual Stream Recycling Schedule

RECYCLING at the curbside

Jefferson Township operates on a dual stream recycling program. No mixing of recycling categories of Paper/Commingle. We are on an alternating schedule. One week Paper is collected and the next week Commingle. Our pickup schedule begins on the Sunday of that week. Please refer to the pickup schedule by area for your scheduled pickup day. Recycling should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. or the evening before in a standard 32-gallon container.  The container should not weigh more than 50 lbs. when container is filled. The resident is responsible for purchasing their own receptacle. 

***Please note that Shredded Paper is NO LONGER being accepted with recyclables. Click here to view flyer


  • Commingled glass and food beverage containers
  • Commingled metal (aluminum, steel or tin) food and beverage containers
  • Commingled plastic food and beverage containers with recyclable symbol on container with No. 1, 2, 5 only
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes flattened
  • Junk mail, mixed paper, newspaper and magazines in receptacle (not tied)
  • Shredded paper is no longer being accepted with recyclables 
    • Municipalities can host shredding events or residents can shred documents at a local staples, UPS store, etc 


  • NO STYROFOAM (even if it has a recycling symbol on it)
  • Clothes hangers, pots, pans and flower pots
  • Broken glass, ceramics, dishes, light bulbs, mirror, window glass
  • Food trays, plastic utensils, toys and plant trays

All items should be clean, dry and empty

All recyclable items that can be picked up at curb can also be brought to our Recycling Center.


4 Sparta Mountain Road

Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

The Township of Jefferson’s Recycling Center is located at the intersection of Sparta Mountain Road and Weldon Road and is open on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. only.


All material that is picked up curbside can be brought to our recycling center as well as the following:

Homeowner Construction Debris

Residents may drop off construction debris on Saturdays only provided they receive a number from the receptionist (call 973-697-1500).  A resident may drop off one bed level pickup truckload or less per visit twice per month/six times in a year as a result of small homeowner projects and repairs.  Proof of residency is required.  Homeowners engaged in new construction and major home renovation are advised to seek alternative methods of disposal.  Mattresses and Sofas are not considered construction debris and are not permitted to be disposed of in our Recycling Center. 


Tree branches, twigs and shrubs less than 3’ in diameter and no longer than 4 feet may be brought to the Recycling Center.  No leaves, grass, tree stumps or trunk wood is accepted


Tires are accepted at the recycling center for a fee.  The charge is $4.00 per Passenger Tire (no rim) up to 19 inches and tires with rims and larger than 19 inches are $7.   Check should be made payable to Jefferson Township.


Dry Cell and rechargeable batteries (less than 10 lbs.) may be dropped off at the recycling center.  No lead-acid car or boat batteries may be disposed of.  Click here to view flyer


E-Waste consists of computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions, desktop printers and fax machines.  These items must be disposed of in our recycling center.  The garbage contractor is prohibited from picking them up.  All other electronics, i.e. radios, speakers, VCR’s, cables, mouse and keyboards, etc. can be thrown out with the trash.

Items Not Accepted At Recycling Center


Motor oil, antifreeze, propane tanks and other hazardous waste etc. must be taken to the Morris County M.U.A. by appointment only. Call 973-829-8006 to make an appointment. Click here to view flyer.


Take off lid from paint can. If can is half full or less add clay-based kitty litter or speedy dry to can. If can is more than half full, empty excess into another container, stir mixture, allow to dry until no longer pour-able, and then put dried out cans next to trash on trash day. See attached flyer (PDF).


Garbage is to be placed at the curbside and collected by the Hauler.  Please refer to the garbage collection tab for more information: www.jeffersontownship.netGarbage-Collection­



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