Recreation & Senior Services

Today’s fast paced and often stressful society requires that we attempt to derive the greatest benefit from what leisure time is available to us and to assure that this leisure time is spent in a productive, meaningful, and enjoyable manner. Accepted as an essential element in a healthy and positive lifestyle, recreation, both active and passive, contributes significantly to the physical, social, and psychological development and well being of the individual, no matter what their age.

With this in mind, the overall goal of the Jefferson Recreation Department is to identify the recreational needs of the entire community and to develop and support a variety of quality programs and facilities that address these needs. Residents of Jefferson Township, with its’ motto, Year Round Recreation Capital of New Jersey, deserve nothing less.


The Recreation Department began using Community Pass for online registration in September 2016. So, if you already have a Community Pass account, enter your log in and password, choose the class/trip/activity, etc. under the respective season and pay the activity fee. If you forgot your log in or password, the system will allow you to recover them using your email address and reset your password or call the Recreation Department for a temporary password.

Set up Account

If you need to set up a new Community Pass account, follow the prompts to set up a personal family account in your name as an adult and pay for the activity. You will automatically receive an email confirmation after you register and make your payment.
If you experience difficulty in setting up an account, view the set up instructions (PDF).

Recreation Directory

Find the 2019 Recreation Directory (PDF) to view all of the events and activities occurring in 2019.

Programs & Event Information