Recreation Directory

The Jefferson Township Recreation Department has just published an updated Recreation Directory containing all recreation-related information available for children, adults, and senior citizens in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. It contains contact information, websites, and email addresses on the following programs and events:

  • Jefferson Township annual community events
  • Jefferson Township playgrounds and sports facilities
  • Jefferson Township Recreation Advisory Board
  • Jefferson Township recreational sports leagues
  • Jefferson Township Senior Citizen organizations
  • Jefferson Township Senior Citizen services
  • Special Jefferson Township Recreation Department-sponsored sports programs and events

Purpose of the Directory

This directory was developed as a guide to make residents aware of recreation programs and facilities available within the township for all age groups. The information provided is general in nature, and the Recreation Department or independent sports associations would have to be contacted directly for registration information, dates, times, and locations of the specific programs using the contact information provided.


In this age of technology, registration for programs is usually done online through the sports leagues’ website; and the Jefferson Township Recreation Department’s program registrations are all done through the Community Pass website.

View the new Recreation Directory (PDF) or pick-up printed copies in the display racks of the Municipal Building, the Public Library, and the Recreation Department office at Camp Jefferson.


As Jefferson Township does not have a local newspaper publication, also visit Jefferson Chronicle and Hopatcong Lake regional News as all press releases are sent to both online news vehicles. In February, look for The Jefferson Chronicle Digest, a new monthly print edition of the online Jefferson Chronicle that will be available in many township locations. While press releases are sent to other area print publications, they are not always published as space may not permit. With permission from the Board of Education, program/event announcement flyers are sent through the school system for Recreation Department programs/events and distributed to all the elementary school classrooms with flyers available for middle and high school students in their main office and cafeteria. The Board of Education also posts Recreation Department flyers in the Virtual Backpack section.


Call the Jefferson Township Recreation Department at 973-663-8404