Camp Policies

Health & Medical Polices at Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp

In order to keep our campers safe and healthy, Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp must meet State guidelines, New Jersey Youth Camp Standards N.J.A.C. 8:25, regarding immunizations and health policies.

Health Policies

  • Camp Jefferson reserves the right to refuse admittance or dismiss from Camp any person with or without full immunizations who may present a risk to themselves or others due to a communicable disease, infection or infestation.
  • Dr. Louis Pupo is expected to be our Camp physician on call. The Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp Nurse’s Office would follow standing orders provided by Dr. Pupo. The covering hospital for the Camp is expected to be St. Clare’s Hospital - Dover campus.
  • Always keep your child home if he/she has a fever of 99.9 degrees or higher. Temperatures should be normal without Tylenol, Motrin, etc. for 24 hours before returning.
  • Always keep your child home if they have vomited or had diarrhea within 24 hours.
  • Please notify the Camp if your child develops a communicable disease such as strep throat, chicken pox, head lice, impetigo, scarlet fever, conjunctivitis (pink eye), etc. You can call the Camp office at 973-663-8404, ext. 4 prior to camp opening and they will refer your inquiry to the Camp Nurse, Sharon Messerle, R.N. and/or Certified EMT Kathleen Jacoby. When camp is open, call them directly at 201-230-2101.

Prescription/Over the Counter Medication Policies

  • Any medications that a doctor requires to be given at Camp must be in its original pharmacy container with name of camper, name of medications, dosage and frequency of administration. Please send only the correct amount of medication.
  • The physician’s written authorization to administer both prescribed and over-the-counter medication is required. All medications must be brought in by the parents.
  • All medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the Nurse’s cabin and administered by the Nurse. The exceptions are off-site Camp trips when a Camp Jefferson Director under the direction of the Nurse will give the medication.
  • At the end of Camp, parents must pick up medication from the Camp Nurse.

Camp Policies

  • If your child becomes ill or injured during the Camp day and needs to be picked up, you or a person identified as your emergency contact will be notified immediately. Your child is expected to be picked up from Camp within one hour.
  • Children should be dressed appropriately for Camp and specific weather. No flip-flops and heelies will be permitted on the camp grounds.

Note: Parents/Guardians: regarding any concerns for your children throughout this Camp season you can contact the Camp office 973-663-8404, ext. 4 prior to camp opening and they will refer your inquiry to the Camp Nurse, Sharon Messerle, R.N. and/or Certified EMT Kathleen Jacoby. When camp is open, call them directly at 201-230-2101. We are looking forward to another successful and healthy summer at Camp Jefferson!

Discipline Policy at Camp Jefferson

At Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp, we seek to provide a safe and fun environment where all children are respected and have an equal opportunity for fun. While it is our hope that all will participate in Camp, we cannot risk the happiness or safety of the group.

In the event that discipline becomes necessary while a child is at camp, the following actions are standard and may be used in any combination while on camp property or during a camp-sponsored field trip or activity: 

  • Early Pick-up by Parent
  • Exclusion from Activity
  • Incident Report
  • Suspension and/or Removal from Camp
  • Time out
  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning

Fighting or Inappropriate Touching

Any form of fighting or inappropriate touching will not be tolerated; and in the event of such occurrence that produces even a minor injury to another child, the parents will be required to meet with the Camp Directors for remediation. In the event of fist-fighting or other physical harm to another child, an incident report will be completed, signed by the parent and will remain on file in the camp office. Additionally, the child could receive either a written warning or suspension, at the discretion of the Camp Directors, without any reduction in weekly tuition or refunds.

Automatic Suspension

Automatic suspension of one or more days, at the discretion of the Camp Directors, will be given as a result of any of the following incidences, but not limited to

  • Repeated bullying or threatening another child or camp staff member
  • Repeated use of foul/offensive language
  • Stealing
  • Possession of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, lighters, stink bombs, firecrackers, vaping paraphernalia
  • No sharp-edged weapons, arms, guns, armament, tools, or knives of any kind of explosives and fireworks of any kind
  • Inappropriate language/conversations
  • Involvement in damaging township or private property with parents (guardians) responsible for repairs/replacement of said property


In the event that drugs/weapons/explosives/fireworks are found, the parent will be called immediately, and the incident will be reported to the Jefferson Township Police Department.

Camp Director Rights

The Camp Directors, at their sole discretion, may remove any camper whose behavior violates Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp’s Discipline Policy or infringes or interferes with the safety or rights of others. This includes behavior that is disruptive, inappropriate, or unsafe for themselves or others. If, at anytime, a parent refuses to pick up his/her child from Camp for disciplinary reasons, it may be considered "abandonment" and may be referred to the Jefferson Township Police Department.

Please note that the Camp Directors, at their sole discretion, have the right to deny any applicant future camp registration based on past disciplinary actions. Refunds will not be granted for children removed from camp for disciplinary reasons.