Police Department

Mission Statement

Outside of Township Police DepartmentThe Jefferson Township Police Department firmly believes in the dignity and worth of all people. It is our duty to safeguard lives and property, and to protect the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression and intimidation, while protecting the individual’s constitutional rights to liberty, equality, and justice. 

We are committed to providing high quality, community-oriented police services and to building partnerships with the community through open communication and education. We will strive to be the best of our profession by adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards, and we will continue to provide leadership and guidance to the police profession.

Official Patch Requests

The Jefferson Township Police Department does not provide patches to individuals.

Patch requests are provided only to law enforcement professionals representing a law enforcement agency. These requests must be submitted in writing on the agency’s official department letterhead to:
Office of the Chief
Jefferson Township Police Department
1033 Weldon Road
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

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