Historical Society


The Jefferson Township Historical Society was incorporated on July 1, 1971, as Jefferson Township Committee for 1976. The main purpose of the group was the restoration of the Headley Homestead (Weldon Road) and the maintenance of this historic site. Unfortunately, they were not successful and the building was torn down and is presently a school bus parking lot. Undaunted the group continued and is ever active. 

The original six trustees of the corporation were: Ray Burket, Robert Govero, Leslie L. Post, Elizabeth Y. Riggs, Donald Rutsch and David Wilson. It was received by Frank A. Headley, County Clerk July 29, 1971 at 11 am. This is so listed in Book 82 Page 57 under Title 15.

In October 2012, the Jefferson Township Historical Society was formally incorporated as Jefferson Township Historical Society, Inc, dropping the reference to Jefferson Township Committee for 1976.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Jefferson Township Historical Society is to preserve and promote the history of Jefferson Township and to maintain the George Chamberlain House, known as the Jefferson Township Museum, as a historic site for this and future generations.


For more information about becoming a member of the Historical Society view our membership page.

Membership Application (PDF)

The Jefferson Township Historical Society is a non-profit organization with a 501c3 status.


On November 9, Museum Director Tara Howanice and Christine Williams, JTHS President had the pleasure of accepting a donation of 75 cookbooks titled Recipes from Miss Elizabeth’s Kitchen. The cookbook is the product of Girl Scout Silver Award recipient Phaedra Scholte’s two year research into the Chamberlain family and recipes of that period. Thanks to Phaedra and her mom Linda for such a wonderful donation. Thanks to  Carol Keppel who began this project and to Tara who brought it to fruition. 

Historical Society Recipe book donation

Pictured are l-r: Linda Scholte, Phaedra Scholte, Tara Howanice. The cookbook will be sold in Miss Elizabeth’s Shoppe with proceeds going to the JTHS scholarship fund.