Mission Statements

Jefferson Township Historical Society

The purpose of the Jefferson Township Historical Society is to preserve and promote the history of Jefferson Township and to maintain the George Chamberlain House, known as the Jefferson Township Museum, as a historic site for this and future generations.

Museum Garden Club

Love gardening? Join the Museum Garden Club

The focus of the Museum Garden Club is to develop and maintain the gardens surrounding the George Chamberlain House. The gardens are a representation of style and structure of that period. "Miss Elizabeth’s Garden" is affectionately named after the first lady of the house, Miss Ruth Elizabeth Speaker.

All new members are welcomed, regardless of their gardening abilities. Volunteering in the garden is a rewarding experience, whether you’re a novice learning as you go, or if you are already a more advanced gardener. Although the Museum Garden Club is under the auspices of the Historical Society, you are not required to be a Historical Society Member to be a member of the Museum Garden Club. 


We meet on an as needed basis. Our planning meetings usually are held in the evening, and our group work sessions are normally held on a Saturday morning or an early weekday evening.

Additional Information

For more information contact Head Gardener, Roberta Shaw 973-697-9176 or email Roberta.