Community Services Officer

The main focus of the Community Services Officer is to assist residents in introducing, implementing and facilitating a wide variety of crime prevention and community safety programs, dealing with such topics as drug and alcohol abuse, personal safety, home and business security surveys, as well as numerous other programs upon request.


Community Services Officer also coordinates the following:

Note: DNA LifePrint program, parents will need to complete a permission form, which can be accessed here.

Community Service Forms

  • Business and Alarm Registration/Update Form (PDF): This form can be used to register your new business, update your business information, and register and update your alarm. There is no charge to register your business, but there is a one-time $25 fee to register your alarm.
  • Alarm Installer's Application (PDF): Application required for all persons wishing to become an alarm installer in the Township of Jefferson.
  • Community Organization Registration/Update Form and Cover Letter (DOC): Add your Jefferson Township Community Organization to the Police Department's database by completing this form and returning it to:
    Community Services Bureau
    Attention: Corporal Jeremy Romash, c/o Jefferson Township Police Department
    1033 Weldon Road
    Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
  • DNA Lifeprint enrollment form: If you missed the distribution of this form in your child's school and are interested in enrolling your child in our DNA Lifeprint program, you may complete this form. Submission options are listed at the bottom of the form.
  • Residential Alarm Registration/Update Form (PDF): You can register a new alarm or update your existing (already registered) alarm with this form. There is a one-time $25 fee to register a new alarm.
  • Special Needs Information Form (PDF): If you are interested in enrolling in our Special Needs Program, please complete and return this form to our Community Policing Bureau
  • Vacant Home Form (PDF): If you will be going on vacation, or your house will be vacant for some other reason, and you would like JTPD to check your house during that time, please complete this form and return it to police headquarters any of the following ways: by hand delivery, by email to to Shelley Ebbinghouser or by fax to 973-697-8702. This form is fillable, however, the fields don't show up as blue. If you click on any particular line or checkbox, you will be able to type on the form.
    Important:   if your house will be vacant for an extended period, a new vacant home form must be filed every 3 months.
    Note: Please be advised that Joe Kratzel is no longer with the Community Services Bureau, so please do not email these forms to him.