Code Enforcement


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Functions and duties


The Code Enforcement Officer shall be responsible for the enforcement of regulatory ordinances, General Legislation, of the Township Code, including but not limited to Chapter 367, Property Maintenance, excluding ordinances subject to police investigation and/or enforcement and the Uniform Construction Code, and assist the Zoning Officer in the enforcement of the land use and zoning ordinances.

It shall be the Code Enforcement Officer's responsibility to observe and collect facts and conduct proper investigations in determining whether any provisions of the Township Code, rules and regulations of the Township are being violated and to establish and maintain records and files thereon on behalf of the Township.

The code enforcement officer shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of Chapter 369, Registration of Vacant and Abandon Properties.


The Code Enforcement Officer shall conduct field inspections to ensure compliance with various Township ordinances and enforce rules and regulations in relation to enforcement of ordinances.

Said Officer shall further issue warnings, file complaints in a Municipal Court or any higher court in the violation of any of the provisions of the Township Code or rules and regulations of the Township, on his own initiative or by the direction of the Township Administration.