Summer 2021


Eric F. Wilsusen

Summer 2021

Happy Summer, Jefferson!

COVID appears to be winding down, and some sense of normalcy seems to be upon us! PLEASE, Lord, let us have a semi-normal summer without HAB's or COVID!

Our 2021 road resurfacing program is underwayRidge Road, Winona Trail, Clover Terrace, Sachem Road, Lorettacong Road, Woodport Road, Teepee Road, Mohawk Trail, Ledgewood Road, Allegheny Trail, Virginia Avenue, Delaware Avenue, New York Avenue, Ohio Street, Chincopee Road, Iowa Avenue, Utah Street, Rhode Island Street, Carolina Avenue, and Illinois Street are all being milled and paved. New Jersey Natural Gas will be paving a portion of East Shawnee Trail. Morris County will be performing drainage work then will pave Edison & Espanong Road to Minnisink Road this sum/fall. All of the Peaks development will be micro paved as well.

Thanks to popular demand, we will be installing a pickleball court at the old Dogwood Court tennis courts off Heather Hills Drive in Oak Ridge.

Thank you to my Economic Development Committee, which I formed shortly after I took office. We have been trying to think outside the box and have been focusing on Eco-Tourism. We have a tremendous amount of open space and public land and are looking to form more trails for hiking & biking to bring more tourists to the area to patronize our businesses. I have also created a new Trail committee, and we are exploring other recreation ideas in the area. We have a pledge of 1 million dollars from a private donor to create new trails and possibly some other recreation activities. Stay tuned!

The Town Council recently decided, and I agree to opt-out of the recent cannabis legislation allowing the sale, manufacturing, cultivating, distribution, wholesaling, or delivery of cannabis within our borders. This decision had to be made by ordinance before a State-imposed deadline of August 22nd, or else we would have automatically been opted in for five years and would have no say in any of these activities. Opting out at this time will allow us time to evaluate what is best for our community. This topic will come up for discussion at future Council meetings. 

Speeding vehicles is probably the number one complaint town-wide. Our "Slow down in our town" campaign through our police department is ongoing, and you will see the signs posted in various neighborhoods. If every resident did their part to pay attention to their speed while driving our roads, it could make a big difference. 

Last, our Township newsletter was a hit! We are in the process of putting together a Fall edition. 

Please continue to support our local businesses

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!