Recreation Advisory Board


Within the Department of Recreation, Senior and Veteran Services, there shall be a Recreation Advisory Committee consisting of 12 members to be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council. Each member shall serve for a term of three years, except that of those first appointed four shall be appointed for terms of three years, four for terms of two years and three for terms of one year. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term only. Members shall serve without compensation.

Powers and duties

The Committee shall advise and assist the Department in the planning and development of public recreational programs, areas and facilities; and it shall promote the optimum coordination of public and other recreational facilities within the Township.

Board Member Term Expires
Dale Gallant 1 Year 12/31/22
Jeff Daynus 1 Year 12/31/22
Brad Ferguson 2 Years 12/31/23
Kathy Jacoby 2 Years 12/31/23
Jim Small 2 Years 12/31/23
Harold Ramirez 2 Years 12/31/23
Pam Graham 3 Years 12/31/24
Pete Monteverdi 3 Years 12/31/24
Mike DosSantos 3 Years 12/31/24