Summer 2022


Eric F. Wilsusen

Happy Summer, Jefferson!

Our 2022 Municipal Budget was finalized in April; I thank the Township Council for working with my Administration. Budget preparation is a long process that we begin at the end of September and work through until March/April. I thank my Business Administrator, Debi Millikin, and CFO Bill Eagen for all their hard work on the budget. In my Spring Mayor’s Message, I wrote that I didn’t think we would do well this year on our paving program bids due to inflation and fuel cost. Well, I was wrong. Thankfully, our bids came in better than expected. 

Our 2022 road resurfacing program is underwayPublic Works are out prepping roads, completing drainage, etc. Some of these projects may continue into the fall. We will be sure to release RAVE notifications and alert our residents as these projects progress.

The Township received a NJ DOT grant of $339K to mill and pave Russia Road. This project will be the first to start beginning the week of July 18th

New Jersey Natural Gas will be paving all West Shawnee Trail and roads within Cozy Lake, including Wildwood, Laurel, Horseshoe, Grove, Wild Rose, East Birch, Hickory, Oriole, Old Woodland. Mount Crest, Lyons, North Lyons, Ferris, Nyoda, Hudson, Morning Glory &Tiger. West Shawnee paving could be delayed until next Spring based on the completion of drainage projects. 

As part of our 10-year capital improvement plan for road improvements, our Township paving program this year will include Mountainview Trail, Great Sun, Tecumseh Ridge, Shenandoah Cresent, Shawnee Parkway, West Lakeview, Pathfinder, North Parkway, South Parkway, Highview Trail, Highview Terrace, Duck Point, Mallard, Heather Hills, Dogwood Drive, Dogwood Court, Toltec, Aztec, Boone, Oneida, Cozy Lake Rd (BVR to Hardbargin), Mitchell, Whitney, Brookside. Micro paving will include Pecan, Cardinal, Sparrow, Overhill, Pembrooke, Hardbargain, Eugenia, Center, Pearl, Pheasant, Evergreen, River, Maple, Croft, Como, Moccasin, Arrowhead, John, Abbott, Danbury, Pine, Mill & Tomahawk. 

Other capital projects slated this year are a joint above-ground fuel dispensing system with the Board of Education, guide rail replacement, ongoing drainage improvements, Township vehicles, and Public Works truck replacements,  Rescue truck refurbishment for Fire Co#2, Ambulance replacement for Jefferson Rescue, and ongoing generator upgrades for our essential infrastructure

Our trails committee has been making progress, and I have to credit former Mayor Russ Felter for all his hard work on the committee and his expertise and knowledge. He has been working hard on building community trails in the East Shore/Nolans Point area. We are making slow progress on a trail system into Compton-Goble Road and are trying to work with NJ DEP on the project. As communicated previously, these trail projects are funded through a private donation.

Please continue to support our local businesses. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!