Application Process

Taking the Police Test

All testing conducted for the Jefferson Township Police Department is conducted by the New Jersey Department of Personnel. Once the test is administered the NJDOP scores and forwards an eligibility list to the Jefferson Township Chief of Police. Once a decision to hire is made, the background investigation begins based upon the names on the list from the New Jersey Department of Personnel test.
Process from Test Taking Through Basic Training
Background Investigation
Applicants who successfully complete the written test and score high enough will be entered into a pool of applicants who are eligible for background investigation. Not all of those who are eligible will proceed further in the process.
Applicants are selected for background investigation based on overall qualifications and the needs of the department. If you are selected, the Detective who is assigned your case will call you at the beginning of the investigation in order to schedule you for an additional interview with him/her. The additional documents listed below will be required from you at that time.
Additional Documentation
You will be required to provide the following documentation if selected for a background investigation:

  • Copy of birth certificate;
  • Copy of high school diploma or G.E.D.;
  • Official transcript of high school grades;
  • Copy of college diploma;
  • Official transcript of college grades;
  • Valid driver’s license;
  • Social Security Card;
  • Copy of DD-214 (Veterans Only);
  • Certified copies of driving record, criminal and civil record checks, and for all counties you have lived in for the past 10 years;
  • Certified copies of all citations, criminal summonses, and warrants for arrest that have been issued to, or for you;

Copies must be certified or notarized. The background investigation will be put on hold until you have produced all of the required documents.  If you have originals, we will make copies of them.
Oral Interview 
The oral interview is a more formal, in-depth question and answer session conducted by a selected panel of police personnel. Applicants who successfully complete the background investigation stage will be scheduled for the Oral Board.
Psychological Exam, Medical Exam, Functional Capacity Exam & Drug Screening
Those applicants who are given a conditional offer of employment following the Oral Board must successfully complete a psychological exam, medical exam, functional capacity exam, and potentially a drug screening. These exams are scheduled and paid for by the Police Department.
At some point in the application process you are required to be fingerprinted. You will be notified to go to the Jefferson Township Police Department to be fingerprinted.

Recruit Training
Recruit training requires considerable home study and physical exercise on a daily basis. During the probationary period, recruits will not be allowed to engage in any off-duty employment or attend other educational institutions. 
Each phase of the application process requires departmental approval and the applicant will be notified upon approval. Recruits hired by the Jefferson Township Police Department must undergo basic training at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy.

Field Training
Upon successfully completing basic training, the recruit is deployed for a period of 10 weeks in what is known as field training program with veteran officers. The recruit is rated and evaluated daily until the police department is confident he/she displays the skills required to be deployed onto the operations level of the Jefferson Township Police Department.