Recruitment Plan


The goal of the Jefferson Township Police Department Recruitment Plan is to attract qualified individuals to pursue a career with the Jefferson Township Police Department. The objective is to achieve an overall racial and gender composition of the department in comparison to the service population of the Township through the department’s recruiting activities. This agency will make a good faith effort to meet specific goals for recruiting a diverse workforce, in terms of people of color and gender diversity. The goals and objectives will be accomplished through various recruitment activities listed in the Recruitment Activities section of this plan.


The Jefferson Township Police Department is a New Jersey Civil Service Commission jurisdiction and must adhere to New Jersey State Statutes and Administrative Code in its recruitment and selection process.

Jefferson Township has a residency preference in all hiring matters. Applicants must be a bona fide resident of Jefferson Township at the time of the closing date of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission Law Enforcement Officer Test. Once Jefferson Township residents have been exhausted from the Civil Service Certification List, Morris County residents are then provided with preference. If the Morris County list is exhausted, applications will be open to residents of the State of New Jersey. The Chief of Police is responsible for the Recruitment Plan.

The Township of Jefferson has adopted the provisions of N.J.S.A. 11A:4-1.3, which authorizes the appointment of entry level police officers who have not passed the Civil Service Examination, but who have successfully completed a Basic Course for Police Officers at a school approved and authorized by the New Jersey Police Training Commission, to bypass the Civil Service hiring process and be exempt from the Civil Service testing process. Additionally, N.J.S.A.11A:4-1.3 allows the hiring of any candidate as a temporary entry level officer, and that officer then must complete a Basic Course for Police Officers within nine months of hire as a temporary entry level officer, before receiving a probationary appointment, for which there is no Township residency requirement. 

Currently employed law enforcement officers from a Civil Service agency are only eligible for hire utilizing the Civil Service Intergovernmental Transfer program. Currently employed law enforcement officers from a non-Civil Service agency, are not eligible for hire under the provisions of N.J.S.A. 11A:4-1.3.

The Township of Jefferson is an equal opportunity employer in all facets of the personnel process.

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 Complete Recruitment Plan

Recruitment Plan 2023