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Posted on: May 15, 2020

Guidelines to ensure social distancing during "Wave Parades"

JeffersonTownship: Wave Parades

Guidelines for running a drive by or wave parade in accordance with the governor’s executive order 142. As you maybe aware, the governor is allowing under our social distancing and stop the spread executive orders, he is allowing drive by or wave parades. This order specifically states that it is not to be used as an excuse for a social gathering. Therefore, in order to allow for these wave parades or drive by parades we offer the following system as a recommendation. 

Number 1: First communicate with all those that are going to engage in the parade by telephone, text, zoom or other means. There should be no gathering together in order to plan or discuss the parade.

Number 2: Have a lead vehicle described and specify where you will meet. Have everyone lineup behind the lead vehicle in no particular order...the reason for this is because if a vehicle is out of order order there is a tendency to want to get out of the vehicle and fix it. Noone should get out of the vehicle during a wave parade. Neither during the planning, the preparing or the engaging of the wave parade. This is specific in the order. 

Number 3: Once the line is completely ready everyone should be in their vehicle and communicating by text chain rather than speaking directly to each person. No texting while driving of course.

If the windows are to be rolled down everyone in the vehicle should be wearing a mask. There should be no more than 1 person per vehicle unless the people in the vehicle are co habitants. 

Number 4: It is recommended that they all wear a mask. The lead vehicle should slowly drive to the designated drive by area honk your horn wave away and express your celebration, thanks, Happy Birthday, congratulations or whatever the case may be. After the 1st or 2nd drive by, or maybe even a third....the group should immediately disperse and not stop. Just disperse and go home. Not a problem having some one take pics or video again as long as they are social distancing and masked up...

These guidelines are to ensure we are slowing or stopping the spread of the covid 19 virus while at the same time trying to allow as per the governor’s orders these waving or drive by parades. We are here to assist you. We want you to be healthy, happy and safe. Please abide by all the social distancing and mask recommendations. Drive very very safely and be very very cautious during this time.

Thank you all very much!

Chief Sean Conrad

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